There shall be a Council of the University which shall consist of:-

  • A chairman, a vice-Chairman and an honorary treasurer – all of whom shall be appointed by the Chancellor;
  • The Vice-Chancellor;
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • The principal of each constituent college;
  • The Permanent Secretary to the Ministry for the time being responsible for University education;
  • The Permanent Secretary to the Ministry for the time being responsible for finance;
  • Not more than eight members appointed by the President to represent the Government;
  • Four persons appointed by the Senate from among its members;
  • After a date appointed by the Council, two persons appointed by the Convocation from among its members;
  • Two members elected by non-Senate members of the academic staff from among themselves;
  • Two members elected by the students’ organization;
  • One person elected by the non-academic staff from among themselves;
  • Not more than two members co-opted to the Council from time to time.

Subject to sub-section (3), a member of the Council, other than an ex-officio member, shall hold office for a period of three years, but shall be eligible for re-appointment.The office of a member of the Council shall become vacant:-

  • If, not being an ex-officio member, he resigns his office by writing under his hand addressed to the
  • University Secretary;
  • If the Council is satisfied that the member, is, by reason of physical or mental infirmity, unable to exercise the functions of his office;
  • Upon his death.
  • Where the office of a member of the Council becomes vacant under subsection (3), the University Secretary shall forthwith notify the vacancy to the approppriate appointing body or person.
  • The procedure and the conduct and regulation of the affairs of the Council shall be vested in the Council.

Functions of the Council:
  • Subject to this Act, the Council shall be the governing body of the University through which the
    corporation of the University shall act and;-
  • Shall administer the property and funds of the University in a manner and for purposes which shall promote the best interests of the University, but the Council shall not charge or dispose off immovable property of the University without prior approval of the Chancellor;
  • Shall receive, on behalf of the University or a constituent college, donations, endowments, gifts, grants or other moneys and make disbursements there from to the constituent college or other bodies or ‘persons’;
  • Shall provide for the welfare of the students of the University;
  • May enter into association with other universities, or other institutions of learning, whether within Kenya or otherwise, as the Council may deem necessary and appropriate.
  • May, after consultation with the Senate, make regulations governing the conduct and discipline of the students of the University.
  • All documents, other than those required by law to be under seal, made on behalf of the Council and all decisions of the Council, may be signed under the hand of the Chairman, the Vice-Chancellor, the University Secretary, the Registrar or any other member of the Council generally or specially authorized by the Council in that behalf.


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