Vision, Mission ,Objectives


A reputable centre of excellence in developing leaders to drive Africa’s equitable development and transformation, driven by its citizen (men and women) for the benefit of all.


To raise transformative leaders, particularly women and youth, as agents of change for more equitable, accelerated and sustainable development in Africa, through capacity building, mentorship and transformative alliances.


  • To realize its vision and mission, ACTIL seeks to achieve the following specific objectives
  • Develop the capacities of aspiring and existing leaders particularly women and youth in public and private sectors.
  • Strengthen the capacities of, and support policy makers and public institutions to develop gender responsive and inclusive policies and legislation.
  • Strengthens the network of Leadership Institutes in the region to create high standards, and eventually, accreditation in leadership development and facilitates country level follow up, coaching and support to the Centre’s graduates through country-based institutes.
  • Create alliances of ACTIL graduates to collectively drive gender responsive and equitable transformation at national and regional levels.
  • Establish and maintain links with think tanks, renowned leaders, role models and trend setters in transformative politics, development thinking and analysis to ensure that the Centre and its clients remain at the cutting edge of knowledge and solutions.