Kenyatta University with the support of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) established the Africa Centre for Transformative and Inclusive Leadership (ACTIL) in 2013 at Kenyatta University, main campus Nairobi (Kenya). The Mission of the Centre is to build the capacity of current and future leaders and develop a critical mass of transformational leaders in Africa, especially women and youth in politics, business, government and civil society organizations that can transform the continent.

ACTIL develops strategic and transformational leadership capacities of current and emerging leaders in the region. ACTIL does this through a combination of methodologies which include classroom-based trainings, experiential learning and mentorship approaches. ACTIL has so far trained a total of over 600 aspiring and existing Leaders; political leaders (including parliamentarians) and policy makers from both Anglophone and Francophone countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Swaziland, Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe on the following core modules:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Women in political leadership
  • Conflict analysis and management
  • Gender Responsive Evaluation
  • Women in Agri-business

The core foundational course for all ACTIL modules is the Transformative Leadership course, which aims to unlock the potential of participants to transform themselves and to become not only agents but also catalysts of positive change in their spheres of influence and beyond.

ACTIL is inviting experienced experts and trainers to apply in any of the following thematic areas of expertise. The successful applicants will join a pool of diverse range of knowledgeable and experienced trainers around the world who possess expertise in the areas of work covered by ACTIL.


1 Transformative Leadership* (TL) for leaders
2 Economic Development and Sustainable Development
3 Women’s Political Leadership 11 Business Management & Financial Mgt.
4 Strategic Management and Governance 12 Entrepreneurship Development
5 Gender Equality 13 Agribusiness and Enterprise Development
6 Gender, Peace and Conflict Management
7 Youth Leadership Development for transformation
8 Gender Responsive Budgets 16 Human Resource Management
9 Gender &Health
10 Mentorship
11 Business Management & Financial Mgt.
12 Entrepreneurship Development
13 Agribusiness and Enterprise Development
14 Marketing and Branding
15 Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Demonstrate commitment to ACTIL Mission and Vision
2. Ability to work in teams and develop synergies
3. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, resourcefulness, initiative, maturity of judgment
4. Innovativeness and Creativity
5. Flexibility and ability to receive and utilize feedback
6. Sensitivity to culture, gender, religion and nationality
7. Ability to empathize
8. Experiential Trainer

Academic Qualifications and Experience
Advanced University degree (Master, PhD) relevant to the thematic area from a recognized University.Language: English. NB: Any foreign language is an asset

1. At least five years of proven working experience relevant to the selected thematic area;
2. Extensive technical knowledge relevant to the thematic area;
3. Exposure to experiential training and facilitation
4. Experience with pedagogical skills

Interested facilitators who meet the stated requirements are advised to apply. The Facilitator should identify the thematic area that best fits his/her expansive expertise. Where applicable a  trainer can select more than one thematic area. Only applicants who pass all criteria for selection of resource persons will be included in the databank.

Evaluation of Applicants:
Applicants will be screened against qualifications and the competencies specified for each thematic area/subcategory.

Contracting Arrangements:
Successful candidates will be included in the relevant thematic area of ACTIL Experts.
Assignments will be demand driven.

Application procedures:

Qualified candidates are requested to apply online via; Applicants should send an updated CV and statement of competence by by 25th February,2016.Kindly ensure that you have provided all requested information

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