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ACTIL was established to raise leaders in politics, business, government and society, certified on measurable results in these fields. We seek to promote innovation and social transformation and facilitate a regional network of leadership institutes in developing standards and accreditation in
leadership development.
Our training programmes aim at grooming a cadre of transformative and value driven leaders in Africa. Our unique training methodology promotes learning through a two way dialogue. It also prepares individuals with requisite skills, strategies and values for supporting communities in
their quest for equitable and sustainable development. Our facilitators come from across Sub Saharan Africa and beyond. We welcome you to enroll for these courses and become part of the new generation of global leadership for change.

1. General Transformative Leadership Course content

Course content

1. Understanding the concept of Leadership

2. Concept of transformational leadership

3. Mindset transformation

4. Personal leadership

5. Paradigm Shapers

6. Societal Transformation

7. Creating change architecture

8. Conflict resolution & negotiation

9. Results based leadership and visioning

2. Youth Leadership Development for Transformation

Course content

1. Youth and Transformational Leadership

2. Youths’ Empowerment

3. Youth and Change Management

4. Results Based Leadership among the youth

5. Youth and Resource Mobilization

6. Advocacy, Negotiation and Lobbying

7. Team Building

8. Engendering the youth sector

9. Media, Communication and the youth

10. Global Perspectives in Youth Leadership