UN Women is seeking to build on the achievements of ACTIL. Specifically UN Women ESARO proposes to strengthen ACTIL’s capacities to not only deliver quality services/products, but also to track and document results and learning from its activities.

In light of this, we wish to establish an electronic knowledge management platform that will keep our alumni connected to each other and share post training experiences, as well as offering potential clientele the opportunity to continually engage with us. This platform will also create and increased public awareness of the Center and improve the access to relevant information to past and potential participants, who are not able make use of information already available in hard copy at the Center.

The knowledge hub will complement the activities of and offerings at the Gender and Elections Resource Unit, which in itself is gradually maturing into a rich source of valuable materials which include but are not limited to: constitutions and laws analyzed by country, policies, practices, training materials, political party manifestos, and individual women experiences, on gender and elections from across the continent under one platform.

We therefore seek services of a company to develop the platform with guidance from ACTIL and UN Women. The company shall be working under the supervision of ACTIL and UN Women and shall deliver an interactive platform that serves the purpose discussed above.

Expected results
A vibrant interactive knowledge and communication platform where knowledge will be shared and exchanged.
A special knowledge and communications platform for the ACTIL alumni and mentors that will facilitate online discussions and sharing of experiences.
A functioning Gender and Elections Resource Unit, accessible virtually and physically-to contribute to ACTIL’s overall leadership development programme.

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