Start Up Tel-Aviv 2016


About Start Tel Aviv
Start Tel Aviv is a global competition held by The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tel Aviv Global that brings together startups from 30 different countries around the world to compete for the opportunity to take part in an intense, five-day startup experience in Tel Aviv’s unrivaled startup ecosystem.

About Israel
Israel is a country known around the world as “The Startup Nation”. Through its human capital, Israel generates more start-up companies than other large, industrial nations around the world. In addition, Israel has, per capita, attracted over twice as much venture capital investment as the US and 30 times more than all the members of the European Union combined.

About Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is the business capital of Israel and a leading innovation hub with a local ecosystem of world class tech talents, dozens of leading multinationals and hundreds of tech startups. The city was named Europe’s leading tech hub by the Wall Street Journal, ranked by Startup Genome as the 2nd best place in the world to open a startup and most recently ranked by Savills as one of the world’s top three tech cities alongside San Francisco and Austin.

Theme of Start Tel-Aviv 2016
Israel’s ecosystem of startups boasts of companies with many talented female entrepreneurs and there has been a growing trend of bold female entrepreneurs who are founding and building companies that bring innovative and unique technologies to address huge markets.
This year’s competition has special focus on women – the event is looking for the top female Startup founder or director. Women who are on the SENIOR management team of a Startup are also eligible to apply.

Start Tel Aviv 2016 Competition in Kenya
The Embassy of Israel in Nairobi is running the competition in Kenya for the first time. Participating companies will compete for the PRIZE: An all-expenses paid trip to Israel where the winners from 30 countries, joined by local Israeli entrepreneurs, will participate in lectures, workshops and meetings with leading Israeli investors and professionals.
Start Tel Aviv will take place during the DLD Festival, and participants will have the opportunity to meet the coolest and smartest companies, techies, startups, designers, artists, scientists, investors, and culture creators from Israel and abroad.
The DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival is a global gathering of innovators, venture capitalists, angel investors, leading multinationals and entrepreneurs from around the world. The Festival will be held in Tel Aviv from 25th to 29th September 2016, and it is comprised of a long list of events, conferences, meet-ups, mingles and gatherings, all focusing on different sides of digital, technological, social, and urban innovation.


Requirement for Startups:
1. The Founders / Directors / senior managers of the startup must be women.
2. The startup must be in the field of ICT – mobile applications, web technologies, cyber security etc.
3. The startup must have at least a prototype of their product.
4. The company must be independent – shareholders should not be other big and established companies.


Brief Schedule of Events – Start Tel Aviv 2016

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