Training Programs

ACTIL provides courses in diverse areas including:

Transformational Leadership as the foundational course for all courses. It aims to unlock the potential of participants to transform themselves and to become catalysts of change in their spheres of influence.

Agribusiness Development: Aims at empowering leaders with knowledge and skills on gender-responsive and successful agribusiness strategies that move farmers, especially women, beyond livelihood to wealth creation and business leadership, while accelerating local and national economic growth and development.

Women’s Political Leadership: Aims at equipping aspiring and current female political leaders with knowledge and skills for transformational and inclusive political leadership, as well as the necessary tools needed to run successful campaigns and to be effective once elected.

Women’s Leadership in the Public Sector: Aims at enhancing the competencies and skills of women leaders holding critical decision making capacities in government to enable them excel in result oriented leadership that is gender responsive and transformative, through a training approach that combines experiential learning, executive coaching and mentorship.

Women’s Corporate Leadership: Aims at equipping women not just to survive but to excel in the corporate environment at senior management and board levels.

Youth Leadership Development for Transformation: Aims to empower young leaders to take initiative in transforming their own lives and their communities; their engagement in broader societal change and decision making and drive innovation in their corporate and public sector.

Gender Responsive Policies, Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management in National Institutions: Aims at enhancing the competencies, knowledge, and innovative strategies of policy and decision makers in ensuring that national policies, strategies and plans fully address gender dimensions as a solution to accelerating development results.

The training includes both theoretical and practical aspects; comprising a well-balanced curriculum of lectures, study tours and workshops. Each program exposes participants to variety of approaches and technologies. Amongst our lecturers are experts from Israel, UN Women entity of Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, Kenyatta University and partnership organizations, offering knowledge and advice that are applicable in emerging economies. Participants will also have the opportunities to network with colleagues from around the world, exchange ideas and address urgent leadership issues in Africa from a gender perspective.