Transfomative Leadership


Target Audience: This course targets Women leaders, policy/decision makers and youth leadersCourse Overview
Grounded on the theory of critical pedagogy, this course will equip participants to realize their own consciousness and to think critically about their personal leadership perspectives and potential, and the social context in which they are embedded. This way of thinking will allow them to recognize connections between their individual problems and experience and social transformation. In this course participants will be expected to acquire skills that will capacitate them to unlock their potential as transformational leaders who are able to trigger and drive individual and societal change.
The training will highlight; the concept and functions of leadership, paradigm shapers, personal leadership and the processes of societal transformation

Course Objectives
Overall Objective: Unlock the potential for participants to transform themselves and to become catalysts of change in their spheres of influence
Specific Objectives:
i. To enable participants enhance their competencies for self development and personal development
ii. To strengthen principles, skills and values for transformative leadership
iii. To build competencies for critical analysis for structural transformation
iv. To foster linkages to larger social movements that promote gender, economic and social justice for transforming Africa
v. Mentor leaders towards individual and corporate success plans and visioning

Course Content
Unit 1: Understanding concept of transformative leadership-
Unit Objectives: During this unit participants will learn:
1) Introduction to the concept of transformative leadership and its elements and qualities
2) How to become a transformational leader
3) Comparison between transformational and other types of leadership
Session One: Definition of leadership and functions of leadership,
Session Two: Types of leadership versus transformative
– Qualities and Characteristics of a Transformative
– Case studies on Transformative leadership
– Transformative Leadership versus Transactional leadership

Unit 2: Paradigm Shapers-
Unit Objectives: In the process of this unit, participants will learn:
1) What determines individual differences?
2) Where individual, group or societal change should emanate from
3) The role of the mind, social-cultural institutions and the media in personal and societal transformation

Session One: Mind and mindset,
Session Two: Money and wealth creation (work vs money),
Session Three: Gender and youth,
Session Four : Communication (media),
Session Five: Cultural construction of leadership i.e. Family, education system, religion, cultural institutions

 Unit 3: Personal Leadership

Unit Objectives: In the process of this unit participants will learn:
1) The various tools of self discovery?
2) What individualized leadership is?
3) How to apply The various tools of self discoverySession One: -Understanding the self,
Session Two: Mindset transformation, enablers for personal transformation,
Session Three: Women as leaders,
Session Four: Mentor and coaches

Unit 4: Societal Transformation-
Unit Objectives: In the process of this unit, the participants will;
1. Understand the concept of Social transformation
2. Identify with the process of leading from within.
3. Acquire the tools for societal transformation
4. Be equipped with the tools for conflict management and resolution

Session One: Analysis of structures and systems,
Session Two: Perspectives of economic development including resources and assets management
Session Three: Global trends in development thinking,
Session Four: Radical theorists, empowerment theorists, Conscientization, gender justice and human rights,
Session Five: Leading organizational change, building alliances for change, leading change in organizations and communities

Learner centered, Highly Experiential (simulation games, analytical models, codes, case studies, field visits, role play, photo-language, group work, discussion, deep questioning, mapping journeys, stories. Energizers, lecturettes etc)