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The Institute of African Studies was established in the year 2011.It offers research opportunities and programmes in the traditional African core disciplines including African languages. The Institute among other things conducts research on crucial African issues. The Institute attracts scholars from Africa and the whole world; this is achieved through establishing links and partnerships with globally acknowledged based universities with African Studies programmes. The collaborations enhance students and staff exchange and also make the Institute a field base for foreign students and staff.


To be the leading international institute of excellence on African Studies, research and consultancy.


To offer interdisciplinary studies in African languages, political science, anthropology, history, geography, literature, music, philosophy and religious studies, as well as carry out research and offer state of the art consultancy services on African issues.



  • Develop and offer multi disciplinary courses in the traditional and contemporary African core disciplines
  • Develop a broadened focus to important language and culture study areas of Kenya, the region and Africa
  • Engage in innovative research on different dimensions of African development
  • Organize conferences, seminars/workshops on a variety of topics pertaining to Africa
  • Establish partnerships, collaborations and linkages with like-minded institutions


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