The KU Campanile was initiated and was a personal dream come true by the then former Vice-Chancellor Professor Olive Mugenda who felt that world class Universities are not only made of classrooms but also unique structures such as this that can too define a University’s culture.

“The Iowa State Campanile shown here called the Campanile for Iowa inspired me to have the KU Campanile constructed at Kenyatta University. Iowa State University being my Alma Mater exposed me to the concept and advantages of a campanile. In addition to announcing the time throughout the day to the KU community, it is a structure that Kenyatta University students and staff will identify with as long as the University exists. As the Vice – Chancellor, it is a personal dream come true for me and I thank the University Council for accepting the idea when I presented it to them for approval.

The Campanile is not just an imposing landmark in our beautiful campus but it is also functional. It will house various exhibition materials and will have the history of the University portrayed in pictorial form. The photographs of those leaders who have contributed and those who will continue to contribute in making Kenyatta University a world class university will be on display. One can take a lift to the viewing bay where the whole campus and the whole of Nairobi County can be seen clearly. The viewing will be at a small fee to help maintain the structure for many years to come. For the few who have asked me why we did not put up a class room instead, I have respectfully told them that world class universities are made of more than classrooms. Such unique structures that define a university’s culture in our opinion define world class universities too” – Prof. Olive Mugenda.