IAAF President, Lord Sebastian Coe Makes a speech at the IAAF U18 Pre-games International Symposium at Kenyatta University

Lord Sebastian Coe, IAAF President honored Kenyatta University on 11th July 2017 with a visit and an address during the IAAF U18 Pre-games International Symposium that was held at Kenyatta University Conference Centre. During his speech, he acknowledged that he was honored to have collaboration in the academic excellence with Kenyatta University through the engagement of the symposium. His speech was on Enhancement of Youth Sport for their Wellbeing with the following key highlights that:
• Running and other sporting activities have a significant role to play in the well-being of the youth and to fight obesity and other health related diseases. Running is a key ingredient in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
• Athletics has all the physical literacy for well-being and sport was fundamental in helping the young people avoid the vices in society.
• Sports mirrors society e.g. it was significantly used in fighting Apartheid in South Africa, has been used to drive home the message of unity.
• Sports address the triangular deficit of trust, leadership and relevance. Sports has the limitless potential to contribute to the common good in society.
• He noted that Kenya topped the world medal in the IAAF sports in Beijing and has a rich sporting history. Additionally, Kenyan athletes have given back to society as exemplified by the projects by Tecla Lorupe on peace building in conflict area and Lorna Kiplagat on high altitude Training facilities and sportswear modeling.
• Prof Mike Boit was commended for assisting over 200 students from underprivileged families in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan, to gain admission to elite universities in the USA and Canada that include the Ivy League Universities
• Kenyatta University was urged to work on enhancing research in the area of Sports Sciences.
• In conclusion, Lord Coe focused on leadership. He pointed out that the world is craving good leadership. Athletics has a goal and we need to understand the journey towards that goal, thus requiring effective action oriented leadership and not rhetoric.
Lord Coe thanked the Kenyatta University for organizing the symposium and creating a home for the youth athletes participating in the games whose excellence had already been commended by the French team. Read the full speech of Lord Sebastian Coe here,  find his profile also listen to his speech

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