Kenyatta University Conferences

International Conference on Education

The conference is to interrogate key educational reforms that would leverage the sector to play a key role in the attainment of sustainable development

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BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN SCIENCE, SOCIETY & INDUSTRY: Building a new generation of African Soil Scientists & Agronomists

Fifty years after independence, Africa has shown higher and sustained economic growth of about 4% compared to 3% for other global economies. This underscores the continent’s resilience to global and regional headwinds. Growth performance, however, varied widely across country classifications and regions. Notwithstanding the robust growth expected for the region over the forecast horizon, some significant downside challenges remain. Economic development and successful transformation of Africa’s agriculture cannot be sustained by the continued extraction of natural resources, as at present, but rather one based on sustainable utilisation that protects livelihoods. Similarly, production technologies and farming systems need to be carefully developed to produce food eco-efficiently. To achieve this, Africa must invest in the people at all levels of society...Read full preamble

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International Conference on Nutrition

The emergence of chronic diseases has further aggravated the already worse nutritional situation. The link between diet and these non communicative diseases need to be understood and thus this conference aims to so. In doing so many have faced challenges which will be shared during the conference and the sharing of these experiences will give room for finding solutions to these challenges. Further, over the years scholars have come up with innovations that are positively impacting on the welfare of human kind. This conference aims at sharing such information in order to interrogate community health issues.

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