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Ongoing Research Project

The Directorate is represented in the Working Group of the African Universities’ Research Approaches (AURA) programme. This is a collaborative programme Consortium (involving The Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Loughborough University and Information Training and Outreach Centre (ITOCA). It is funded by the DFID. This is a three year project in nine universities and it is meant to support faculty to nurture strong research and information capabilities as well as innovative teaching practices that will encourage graduates to develop independent learning, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Some of the deliverables from the project will be the development of the following courses: a teaching capacity course; a course on pedagogical theory and curriculum development as well as two research capacity interventions in research communications and at least one faculty curriculum. It is therefore envisaged that the AURA project will build and enhance the capacity of this Centre during the project period.

Past Trainings
Some of the trainings conducted by the Centre so far include the following:
1. Training of Lecturers in Teaching Methodology and setting of Examinations.
2. Training of school and departmental Exam Coordinators.
3. Use of the Smartboard in teaching.
4. ELearning Training.
5. Training in Thesis Supervision skills
6. Training in Writing Grant Proposals.
7. Training in CUE guidelines and standards for academic programmes.
8. Plagiarism Software Training
9. Participatory and Action Research Approaches
10. Curriculum Development and Review
11. Research Management Cycle
12. Publisher Education Workshop
13. Information Literacy and Ethics.
14. Teaching large classes
15. Use of SPSS in data analysis



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