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The Centre is expected to carry out the following tasks:

i. To train Faculty in teaching methodology and setting examinations.
ii. To evaluate staff at the end of each semester.

Faculty Training

In relation to training, the CTEE is expected to:

 Undertake periodic needs assessment surveys to determine emerging lecturers’ training needs.
 Ensure that all teaching staff that have no training in teaching methodology are equipped with appropriate teaching skills.
 Retool all staff even those trained as teachers with innovative teaching methodologies.
 Train academic staff with skills in setting, marking and analysis of examinations.

Evaluation of Teaching and Learning in the University

To meet this goal, students evaluate their lecturers at the end of each semester. Each faculty evaluated is given a report indicating their performance. Those whose performance is poor are mentored and encouraged to improve in the weak areas. Special trainings are organized for specific lecturers if required.
The student –lecturer evaluation is currently done online.


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