I cannot see the units I registered for in my campus vue portal…

Ensure you registered/enrolled online (using the correct procedure).
If the issue still persists after ensuring the above process is done correctly, contact digital school support through the contact us portal on the home page, select the teaching and quality assurance link. Call or send an email and you will be promptly assisted.

Where do I take my tablet for repairs or if it malfunctions/is faulty?

Take the tablet to your centre e.g. Kisumu, Mombasa, etc. If you’re in Nairobi, bring it to Kenyatta University-Main Campus.

How many times per week do I need to synchronize the tablet?

It is advisable to sync your tablet daily, so as to have up-to-date notes & assignments. It is also highly advisable to participate in online chat forums, to increase your knowledge of the units you’re doing and the programme at large.

How do I synchronize the tablet?

On the applications menu, click on synchronize.
Give the tablet time to connect to the system and update itself.

How do I get notes for the units I’m doing?

  • You have to be registered in the system (current semester).
  • In the list of apps on your tablet, click on enrolment, then on the request button. The notes should appear shortly.