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Investing in Humanity through the Orphans and Vulnerable Students (OVS) Scholarship Fund Kenyatta University lays emphasis in the societal development of an individual and as such has established the Financial Aid Office which administers the OVS Scholarship Fund to cater for the less privileged but deserving persons to pursue higher education at Kenyatta University.


Indeed this is in line with our philosophy statement; being, “sensitive and responsive to societal needs and the right of every person to knowledge”, Through the OVS Scholarship Fund, Kenyatta University has set out to make a difference by investing in the education of the orphans and vulnerable students to enable them take up their rightful places in the future and for posterity.


This initiative of the Vice-Chancellor has been necessitated by the current situation at Kenyatta University, where more than 4000 students are at risk of dropping out of the education system. Furthermore, data indicates that more than 75% of students who qualify for admissions to universities are locked out of the higher education system and left to pay for their own fees. These deserving young Kenyans still find it impossible to access higher education due to a number of reasons such as natural calamities (death of guardians), extreme poverty, lack of social support, and socio-cultural issues among others.



A dynamic and vibrant centre, holistically investing in humanity by providing financial support for education, equipping of life skills and nurturing talents of OVS at Kenyatta University.



FAO will mobilize funds and other resources from benefactors and will ensure a sustainable financial base in order to facilitate the education of orphans and vulnerable students at Kenyatta University. 

Strategic Goal

Increase access to university education for orphans and vulnerable students through scholarships tenable at Kenyatta University.

 Strategic Objectives

 To oversee the award of OVS Scholarships using set criteria.

To establish a sustainable OVS Fund

To advice and direct students to other sources of financial assistance other than the OVS Fund

Target Beneficiaries 

The OVS Scholarships are awarded to orphans and vulnerable students who are unable to access university education due to financial challenges. These scholarships are awarded at the beginning of every academic year


Dr. Milcah Mudeizi Chokah

Board Members


Contact Us

For further information on how to support the fund and application procedures contact ;

Financial Aid Office
P. O. Box 43844-00100
Tel: 8710901 Ext 57522
Fax 8711575
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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