Eligibility Criteria

Kenyatta University Financial Aid Office is committed to providing finance to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue the attainment of their educational and professional goals. The Financial Aid Programmes will depend on the level of need by the individual student.


Applicants must:
1.Be enrolled into a full time degree programme at Kenyatta University or its constituent campuses.
2.Be twenty-five (25) years or below.
3.Meet the required cluster points for the programme applied for.
4.Be in genuine need for financial assistance.
5.Sustain high academic achievement.
6.Be a Kenyan citizen or permanent resident of Kenya.
7.Update the Financial Aid Office with academic performance at the end of the year.
8.Maintain high level of discipline while under the scholarship.
9.Complete an application form for Kenyatta University Student Aid by the set deadline.

Additional Information for Applicants

1.Every shortlisted applicant will be required to go through an interview process conducted by the OVS Fund Management Board to assess eligibility.
2.The responsibility of paying school fees is upon the student and his/her guardian. The University’s financial aid programmes are partial; hence student should make arrangements to meet the rest of the tuition, transport and living expenses, even if they are on financial assistance.
3.Completion of an application for financial assistance, does not guarantee that a student will receive financial aid. Financial aid is very limited and its receipt is contingent upon availability of fund and the number of students applying for the same in any given year.
4.Each awardee will be required to undergo a mentoring programme from the OVS Fund Management Board.
5. Each awardee will be required to be actively involved in proscribed community service.
6.The scholarship is a privilege and not a right.
7.The OVS Fund Management Board has the right to withdraw funds from an awardee who has received from elsewhere.



Dr. Rose Otieno
Director - Endowment & Alumni Programmes

Contact Us

For further information on how to support the fund and application procedures contact ;


Directorate of Financial Aid 

P.O. Box 43844 – 00100


Tel: 870- 4535/ 4345

Mobile: 0725847914

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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