What Financial Aid can I receive from Financial Aid Office?

  • The Financial Aid Office offers scholarships to Orphans and Vulnerable Scholarships admitted to Kenyatta University.

What Financial Aid Programmes does Financial Aid Office offer?

  • The Financial Aid Programmes offered are: The Orphans and Vulnerable Students (OVS) Scholarship for full tuition, the Partial (OVS) Scholarship and Scholarship for Continuing Students.

What is the application procedure for the scholarship?

  • Applicant are required to fill the Financial Aid application form which they can either pick from Financial Aid Office or download from Kenyatta University Website only after the advertisement and within the set deadline.

Who is eligible for the Kenyatta University Financial Aid?

  • Only the Orphans and Vulnerable Students admitted/studying at Kenyatta University are eligible for the Kenyatta University Financial Aid, and the award will depend on the available funds and the level of need of the applicant as determined by set criteria.

Does it mean I can not apply if am not an orphan yet I am very needy?

  • One can apply for the Scholarship since it is actually meant for needy students.

Can I apply for two categories of scholarship so as to be in a better chance?

  • One should only apply for one type of scholarship; that it the one they feel is appropriate for them.

What if I qualify?

  • One is awarded the scholarship by receiving the Scholarship Award Letter

What if I qualify but lack money for upkeep or money to top up incase am awarded a partial scholarship; can I get further assistance from Financial Aid Office?

  • Awardees are expected to cater for their living expenses and also be able to top up incase they are awarded partial scholarship.

If I qualify for the scholarship, am I guaranteed that it will be offered in the whole of my course?

  • Yes. This is on the basis that you maintain good academic performance, discipline and participate in community service.

What if my application is submitted after the deadline?

  • Application forms that are submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The applicant is required to apply again in the next academic year, following the advertisement.

Can I appeal if I am not selected and feel that it’s unfair?

  • Yes. An applicant can appeal if they feel that they were discriminated.



Dr. Rose Otieno
Director - Endowment & Alumni Programmes

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