About Us

The Office of Grant Writing and Management works with Kenyatta University faculty and personnel on the development of grant proposals, focusing primarily on multidisciplinary proposals, including institutional training grants, centre grants, and infrastructure and capacity building grants.
We offer a variety of resources to KU fraternity, including:

  • Information of funding agencies mission and culture.
  • Expertise in interpreting the requirements of a funding opportunity announcement.
  • Support proposal development process including facilitating meetings with key personnel to help refine and articulate project goals.
  • Provide review and editing services to enhance clarity, brevity and formatting.
  • Providing relevant institutional information on Kenyatta University’s capacity, facilities and administrative structures.
  • Ensuring that proposals conform to the funding agency requirements and to university regulations.
  • Identifying and engaging collaborations as may be necessary for competitive proposals.


o To raise funds by writing multidisciplinary research and infrastructure development grants proposals through coordinated teams, ensure prudent management of grants awarded to the university.

Vision Statement

o To be a centre of excellence in grants acquisition and management services in Kenyatta University.

Mission Statement

o To enhance the competitiveness for extramural funding and to foster innovative collaborations among partner institutions.


The objectives of the Directorate of Grant Writing and Management are to:

1. Maintain an updated database of funding organizations.
2. Identify grants opportunities and ensure university submits competitive proposals.
3. Strengthen accountability in management of university grants, ensuring compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.
4. Conduct periodic assessment within the university to determine capacity building and infrastructural development areas that can be addressed through grants.
5. Support establishment of collaborative multidisciplinary grant teams and strategic alliances for major programmatic grants and contracts.
6. Coordinate events that foster new grant initiatives and opportunities.

Core Values

1. Transparency – the Directorate shall exercise transparency in service provision, adhering to the service delivery charter.
2. Responsiveness- the Directorate shall promptly respond to opportunities and issues raised by clients and adapt as necessary to accommodate the diverse needs of clients.
3. Professionalism- the Directorate staff shall protect and treat with the necessary care all information of a confidential nature.
4. Relevance – The Directorate will safeguard relevance by identifying and addressing the needs of university community in grants acquisition and management.
5. Integrity –truthfulness and honourable conduct shall be upheld and emphasized in service delivery.

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