Directorate of Grant Writing and Management

Key Performance Indicator


Completion and implementation of the Directorate Strategic plan

The strategic plan was completed in 2012 and covers the period 2013 – 2018. The plan was submitted to university management for approval and is being implemented to guide directorate’s activities.

Number of new grant proposals funded

According to the Strategic Plan, the Directorate will aim to increase number of funded projects by at least 5% per year. The target has been met with the direct or indirect support of the Directorate. Some measures towards achieving this target include continuously identifying new external sources of funds and improving communication so that university staff and students are made aware and supported to utilize the available opportunities expeditiously.

Number of project reports submitted on time to donors

We have developed a report submission schedule for each project. We have started with clusters of projects funded by a common donor. For example, reports for over 100 postgraduate research grants currently running with funding by the National Council for Science and Technology have been submitted on time every quarter with the Directorate’s facilitation. Good grant management and timely reporting has ensured the University is a leading recipient of support from NCST and other donors each year.

Number of persons capacitated in grant proposals development/ Number of short training organized in grant writing


The Directorate provides various types of support to individuals and groups developing proposals. Support includes enabling better articulation of an idea in a proposal, budgeting and costing of project activities, developing engagement mechanisms with collaborators, providing official documentation needed to support applications and processing letters of support from University administration. The Directorate’s service delivery charter stipulates a 1 day timespan for this service and we have consistently met the target. Other administration resources to help in grant application have been developed and availed through university website. The Directorate will organize two short courses in grant writing annually.

Number of persons capacitated in grant management

Increased grant seeking activity by university staff and students has resulted in a situation where many people need orientation in the process and mechanics of effective grant management. The Directorate provides guidance on these processes, in every case considering the unique requirements of individual funding agencies. Training is availed on one-to-one basis or in groups for clusters of projects funded by a common donor, e.g. recipients of postgraduate students funded by the NCST are trained in groups immediately they are notified of the award. To further support effective grant management the Directorate has developed various tools and resources, including forms, templates and self explanatory guides that are availed to researchers and are also available to download at University website. This includes the Grants Management Policy.

Number of updates posted to university website

An important aspect of the Directorate’s work is ensuring information on grants /projects becomes known to university community /stakeholders and those who may need the information for intellectual or other purposes. We have embarked on a process of ensuring information on each grant is availed through the university website immediately an award is received. We endeavour to update the status of projects as they progress. Our aim is to not only present the idea behind the project/grant, but also the teams/people/researchers, their collaborators and the networks/institutions/communities involved.

Request for project funds (to DVC FPD) reviewed

According to the Grants Management Policy, the Directorate is to provide the first point of contact with researchers requesting to utilize grant funds. This role is being taken up increasingly. We are facilitating requests for funding and ensuring the process is flawless, smooth and reducing the time spent in processing  of funds.


Update :4th April 2013

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