European Union Projects

Researcher: Dr. Mbugua wa Mungai

Project Title: The Cultural Politics of Dirt in Africa-1880to now.

Background: Dirt permeates everyday life in urban Africa, but it is more than an empirical substance: dirt is also an idea—or a complex set of representations—that shapes local perceptions of sexuality and the body, and influences people’s attitudes towards waste, recycling, urbanization, ethnicity and migration. Dirt is a vital category for understanding urban cultures in Africa, and it has a history that has yet to be examined in detail. Besides the work of epidemiologists and occasional anthrolopological accounts, however, there have been no sustained studies of locally situated understandings of dirt in Africa. >>Read More<<

Researcher: Dr. Maina Mwangi

Project Title: Enhancing Nutrition and Food Security Through Improved Capacity of Agricultural Higher Education Institutions in East and Southern Africa

Background: The effectiveness of existing curricula in producing a cadre of staff that can support a thriving agricultural sector that secures national food and nutrition requirements and assures profitable returns has been the subject of discussion between the institutions partnering in this action in the past. In December 2011, the Horticultural Association of Kenya (HAK), comprising of Kenya agricultural HEIs, research and sector regulatory agencies and in collaboration with Leibniz Universitaet organized a workshop, funded by DAAD, NCST and HCDA, where the content of horticulture training curricula in Kenya was discussed. >>Read More<<

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