The Centre thematic focuses among others include:

  1. Tourism Climatic and Seismic Resilience (Drought, Floods, Landslides, Sea level rise)
  2. Tourism Pandemic /Epidemic Resilience (Cholera, Ebola, Rift Valley fever, Coronavirus)
  3. Tourism Security /Cyber Security Resilience (terrorism, Poaching, Cyber attacks etc)
  4. Tourism Entrepreneurial Resilience (Training, Mentoring etc)
  5. Economic Disruptions (Elections, Technologies etc)
  6. Emerging challenges facing tourism industry.

The roles of the Centre are:

  1. Creating, producing and generating toolkits.
  2. Develop guidelines and policies to handle the recovery process following a disaster.
  3. Assist with preparedness, management and recovery from disruptions and/or crises that impact tourism and threaten economies and livelihoods.
  4. To collate data generated from different organizations related to tourism industry.
  5. To network on knowledge generation and sharing with other relevant regional and international bodies.
Right: Hon. Edmond Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica and Prof Paul Wainaina, Vice Chancellor, KU during the Minister’s visit to KU in December 2019.