Digitization is a critical aspect of today’s economies, and many sectors are taking advantage of it, to enhance their businesses and brands (UNCTAD, 2019). The travel and tourism industry is evolving rapidly and the business players in the industry need to continuously embrace the latest trends and developments to stay competitive.

Travel and Tourism is heavily information-based and would benefit immensely from such ICTs. For Kenya to be a competitive tourism destination, it is important to explore the extent to which the use of modern technologies has impacted Kenya’s tourism industry.


Digitization and the use of ICTs is good for planners and practitioners within the tourism industry, as it can provide the needed competitive advantages in promotion, as well as strengthen the formation of strategies and operations of the industry (Buhalis & Amaranggana, 2013).

ICTs have the potential to increase a destination’s revenue; develop and reinforce local tourism and tourism-related entrepreneurship and activities; develop genuine tourism offerings that rely on local productions and traditions and enable direct promotion and commercialisation of local tourism offerings in international markets reducing dependence on big foreign intermediaries (Asafe et al., 2013).

For more information: http://www.ku.ac.ke/gtrcmc/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/DIGITIZING-TRAVEL-AND-TOURISM-INDUSTRY-IN-KENYA-JUNE-22.pdf

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