International Benchmarking in Germany

One of the GTRCMC-EA researchers, Everlyne Muli, an Undergraduate forth year student, in Bachelor of
Environment Management will be travelling tomorrow to Trier Germany.

Programme : Three months Industrial Attachment in Trier Germany from
October to December 2021.

Description : The mobility is organized by Lokale Agenda 21, committed to
sustainable development. It works under the motto ‘Think Globally, Act
Locally’ in Trier for the past 20 years. Based on the UN Climate Conference in
Rio de Janeiro in 1992, which states that local agendas should be established
worldwide in order to counteract the consequences of climate change at the local level, the Trier City Council decided to establish a Local Agenda. They
design a wide variety of initiatives and projects – always with a focus on global
interrelationships – especially in the areas of sustainable business, sustainable
urban development and climate-friendly mobility, and hence support
international participants in their project such as Everlyne Muli.

Expected Deliverables to Kenya’s Tourism:
Through this professional and cultural exchange, Ms Muli will acquire
important competencies in the fields of environmental education and urban
development, with the emphasize on the Sustainable Development Goals, that will be very useful in tourism development in the country.

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