Visitor Economy in Conflict Areas

GTRCMC-EA is exploring ways of developing visitors economy to compliment the economics of the regions affected by conflicts in Eastern Africa.

A team consisting of the Director and Advisory Council Member (GTRCMC-EA) and key local leaders have been exploring Lamu and Tana River Counties in Kenya as case studies.

The team plans to collaborate with other partners to package tourism experiences and encourage visitation to enhance positive memorability of the areas.

The team will mobilize resources to facilitate meetings by key stakeholders in Eastern Africa to make decisions on crisis management and tourism developments in conflict areas.. The first phase, once successfully approved, shall include Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan.

Among key experiences, the team has visited Makere Village in Tana River county where the team got the opportunity to see The Late Shujaa Mzee Meza Morowa Galanas tomb. Meza Galana created the tune of the Kenyan National Anthem. The tune was derived from a Pokomo lullaby. Meza Galana died on 13/11/2015.

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