IBP 2013 Information

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Enhancement of CIPB Mandate

In 2012, the mandate of CIPB was enhanced by the Academic Division to include coordination of IBP E-learning Units across different levels and departments. This responsibility was previsiuoly under ODEL.

Ministry of Education shortened the school holidays, but Kenyatta University IBP students will not be affected.

The shortening of the school holidays from 4weeks to 3weeks,it meant that the duration of the degree programme, pursued by IBP students had to be increased. The University responded to this challenge by integrating E-Learning with face to face teaching as follows:

  • E-Learning
  • Session I –students take 4units of which one of the unit is compulsory E-Learning.
  • Session II—students take 4units of which one of the unit is compulsory E-Learning.
  • Session III—students take 5units of which one of the unit is compulsory E-Learning.
  • Modules
  • It was agreed that some students who are in regions where they cannot access internet  be issued with modules of the online units offered in every session.
  • They are also to  give tutorial before they sit for examination to assist them in revision.

Report on the success of the integrations of E-Learning and face to face teaching.

Since the launch of the IBP E-Learning programme by the Vice-Chancellor in December 2010, where students are allowed to pay for additional unit(s) to be taught online ,we are glad to report that there has been tremendous success. For example, so far approximately 182 students have graduated in a shorter period than the stipulated four years. Despite the challenges being faced by this programme, it has been noted that students are rapidly embracing this mode of study and the numbers enrolled are rapidly rising.

Training of students /lecturers in E- learning

It is now mandatory for all IBP students to be E-learning literate. Every session ODeL trains IBP students throughout the session and arranges training for lecturers, once every session. Most Lecturers  have now embraced E-Learning mode of teaching.

Flow –chart for Face to Face and E- Learning Units for IBP students in all departments

Below is the summary of all the E-Learning Units (circled)and face to face Units be offered every session in each level. This will enable students to plan which unit to take and when. It has been agreed by all IBP teaching departments that this flow- chart remains unchanged to ensure stability and predictability in all IBP session. This is crucial to enable students to pre-register for units.


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