HIV/AIDS Control Unit



Welcome Note
Welcome to AIDS Control Unit of Kenyatta University
Kenyatta University HIV/AIDS Control Unit (ACU) was established in March 2001 as one of the major interventions developed as a response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the institution. The K.U Aids Control Unit falls under the ACU of the Ministry of Education through the Commission for University Education’s ACU, which coordinate ACU activities among the universities..


Our Mission
The ACU is committed to the formulation and promotion of programmes and activities for the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS within the University and its neighbouring communities.

Our Objectives

  • To facilitate peer education and life skills training aimed at appropriate behaviour change, practices and positive living
  • To sensitise the community on HIV and AIDS issues
  • To facilitate the offering of HIV  Testing and Counselling services (HTC)
  • To formulate HIV and AIDS policies with respect to students and staff
  • To sensitise and advice Senate, students and staff on various aspects of the HIV  and AIDS policy
  • To forge linkages with other stakeholders in the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS services to the infected and affected
  • To raise funds for HIV and AIDS prevention and management programmes at the University
  • To facilitate research and publication in the area of HIV/AIDS
  • To facilitate the mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS into the curricular
  • To facilitate information sharing activities on issues related to HIV/AIDS
  • To promote formation of HIV and AIDS organizations and support groups

What we do

  1. HIV testing and counselling at Ghana 4 or mobile VCT by LVCT
  2. Peer education, life skills and leadership training
  3. Outreach training programme to neighbouring communities
  4. Behaviour change communication groups
  5. Annual HIV testing week, Culture week VCT and exhibitions
  6. Support groups for people and students living with HIV on campus
  7. Operates a Resource Centre
  8. Acquisition and distribution of  condoms and behaviour change materials
  9. Proposal development
  10. Research

Our Partners
ACU partners with various organizations and groups in its day to day activities. These include but not limited to;

  1. I Choose Life
  2. LVCT
  3. Government of Kenya through; National AIDS Control Council (NACC) (
  4. Kenya National AIDS & STI Control Programme-NASCOP
  5. Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative
  7. KU Radio 99.9fm

I Choose Life-Africa (ICL) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya that plays a leading role in prevention of new STIs, Provision of care and support services and mitigation of socio-economic impact of HIV and AIDS among youth in schools and out of schools.
Specifically, ICL through ACU works towards achieving the following objectives
i.    Improving HIV/AIDS related knowledge
ii.    Delaying Sexual debut
iii.    Decreasing the number of sexual partners per individual
iv.    Increasing condom use among sexually active students
v.    Increasing VCT uptake
vi.    Decreasing stigmatization amongst people living with HIV/AIDS
vii.    Strengthening HIV and AIDS policy development and implementation with student participation.

Who can be part of the ICL?
ICL trains peer educator where Interested students from at least all schools in the University;
i.    Go through interview by ICL peer educators
ii.    Successful candidates become members of ICL and have to undergo 32 hours of training in Peer Education, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS and life skills course designed to empower them towards effective decision making.
iii.    After the training, the peer educators enroll in a 3 months community service attachment program
iv.    Graduation and issuing of certificates.

KUSACO- Kenyatta University Students AIDS Control Organization
Long before the establishment of the ACU, Kenyatta University Students AIDS Control Organization (KUSACO) existed which was established in 1996 with a vision to encourage positive behaviour change among students.
The KUSACO supported by KU-ACU has achieved its own vision over the years by holding weekly sessions which tend to address issues of HIV/AIDS and stigma, sexual reproductive health, drug abuse and behavior change  communication as whole. These sessions have been running during the first and second semesters only which run between September to December and January to March respectively. Currently, the sessions have been extended to the trimester, which runs from May to August.
Membership is open to all students of Kenyatta University. In 2012 KUSACO-Mombasa,  KUSACO  Nakuru and KUSACO-Kitui were launched.

To encourage positive behaviour change
The Mission is:
To promote activities that lead to a relatively HIV/AIDS free environment while at the same time developing a healthy and productive human resource for the nation

ACU/ICL has two hours a week every Thursday from 6pm-8pm.
Topics aired are diverse and all touching on issues affecting the youth

LVCT- Liverpool VCT Care and Treatment
LVCT conducts the HIV testing for ACU during various drives.

Our Achievements since 2012

  1. Through ACU Kenyatta University has recruited VCT counselors for the first time in 2015
  2.  Rated 4th best performing directorate in KU in 2012
  3. First ever University in Kenya to conduct Door to Door HIV testing in the hostels which increased HIV uptake by students
  4. Conducted a Training of Trainers Workshop for Peer Educator where 100 peer educators were sourced from various KU campuses i.e. Main, City, Kitui, Mombasa and Nakuru 90 students were trained and issued with certificates.
  5. Organized and conducted HIV Research Methodology Workshop involving Association of African Universities-Eastern Africa Sub-Region Network (AAU-EASRN) Countries, held in May 2012
  6. Held a Training of Trainers in HIV Integration into University Curriculum which also involved Association African Universities-Eastern Africa Sub-Region Network (AAU-EASRN) Countries, held in September 2012. Various Universities from t he region were represented.


Dr. Robert Muniu
Director, Aids Control Unit,
Directorates Complex, 2nd Floor Wing B rooms 216 and 217
Kenyatta University
P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Tel. 8711622/8710901 -19 Ext. 3832/33/34