The directorate is mandated with a wide range of responsibilities. These include amongst others:

  • >>Strengthening the partnerships between the University and private sector both locally and internationally.
  • >>Coordinating goodwill activities between the University and industry,
  • >>Seeking motivation awards from the corporate sector as well as generation and incubation of business ideas from research, technology and innovation.
  • >>Start the Students Work Induction Program (SWIP) so that it takes root in the University along the Canadian Universities’ Model of Coop Education.
  • >>Ensure the development of Science & Technology programmes by liaising withrelevant Chairmen of Departments and Deans of Schools.
  • >>Explore sources for motivational awards from the Public & Private Sectors
  • >>Spearhead the process of starting and developing an Industrial/Technology Research Park in the University
  • >>Build linkages between the University and the Science and Technology Institutes/Units.



















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