To be a renown premier Centre of industrial engagements for the University & its partners



To create and implement collaborations and partnerships for the University for Socio-Economic Development



1)  To strengthen the partnerships between the University and private sector both locally and internationally.
2)  To coordinate goodwill activities between the University and industry,
3)  To seek motivation awards from the corporate sector as well as generation and incubation of business ideas from research, technology and innovation.
4)  To start the Students Work Induction Program (SWIP) so that it takes root in the University along the Canadian Universities’ Model of Coop Education.
5)  To ensure the development of Science & Technology programmes by liaising with relevant Chairmen of Departments and Deans of Schools.
6)  To explore sources for motivational awards from the Public & Private Sectors
7)  To spearhead the process of starting and developing an Industrial/Technology Research Park in the University
8)  To build linkages between the University and the Science and Technology Institutes/Units.

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