Student Work Induction Program (SWIP)

Kenyatta University in collaboration with the industry stakeholders (employers) initiated a programmeme aimed at inculcating the necessary work experience amongst university students in an actual work environment. The Students Work Induction Programme (SWIP) is a solution aimed at improving the industry- based skills as the student undergoes academic training by alternating employment and study. The SWIP programmeme develops relationships and builds bridges in a three way partnership amongst employers in diverse industries, the university and the students.


The  Programme
The programme referred to as Students Work Induction Programme (SWIP) is a three way partnership amongst the employers, the University and the students.

How SWIP works
• Duration. The programme will enable students to alternate study and work where the work period will range between 3 to 5 months per academic year giving the students a minimum of one year work experience.
• Student employee: The student employee will be expected to work like other employees, follow the laid out regulations, meet set targets and undergo performance evaluation like other employees.
• Selection of students: The employers will be given an opportunity to select the best among the applicants in the relevant fields.
• Stipend: The students on SWIP programme will receive a decent stipend from the employer that will enable them meet their basic cost of living. The University will be involved in the determination of the stipend.


Envisaged benefits to employers
• Cost effective source of temporary employees: Cost effective source of human capital: SWIP offers an opportunity to hire directly from the university’s pool of highly qualified young students. The students go through a stringent selection process as per the eligibility criteria, hence reduces the costs of recruitment at the company level.
• On-job training: Normally employers spend much time and use a lot of money to undertake on-job training thus losing a lot of time and resources before the graduates become productive employees. The proposed project will address this problem by giving the opportunity to students to work as they study thus giving them the necessary skills, experience and exposure required in the work place. This will greatly shorten or eliminate the need for lengthy on-job training. The programme also gives the employer the chance to contribute towards the students training by providing an environment where students’ will apply the skills learned from the University.
• Quality and relevance of University curriculum: The SWIP initiative gives the employer a chance to assess and give feedback to the university on the relevance of the curriculum thus ensuring that the university provides required skills.
• Readily prepared workers: The programme churns out ready to work graduates who will have gained relevant experience in the work place.
• Change of mind set: SWIP is designed to change the mindset of the student towards the work practice and culture since placement is in globally competitive enterprises that subscribe to international best practices and professionalism.
• Technology transfer and innovation: SWIP provides a fertile ground for the interaction of academia and industry by giving the employer a chance to contribute towards the practical training and transferring upto date industry practice to students. Students are also given an opportunity to innovate around processes and products at the employers company hence bringing out the competitive edge.




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