What we do

  1. To develop Kenyatta University Intellectual Property Policy through appropriate consultations and periodically recommend amendments where necessary.
  2. To create awareness within the University community on IPR issues, including the importance of protection where relevant and the potential benefits of protected innovations to the university’s educational and research enterprise, inventors, and the country at large.
  3. To ensure compliance of the Intellectual Property Policy within Kenyatta University’s campuses and in all collaborative R &D arrangements with other partners.
  4. To receive and evaluate invention disclosures and, where possible and desirable, seek appropriate protection either within Kenya, the African continent or beyond.
  5. To liaise with Kenyatta University Chandaria Business Innovation Incubation Centre and other relevant bodies to steer the incubation of protected innovations towards viable commercial entities.

To appropriately locate suitable commercial development partners and negotiate on Licenses over intellectual property