Patenting Procedure

When you have a potential Invention;

  1. Fill an innovation disclosure form (download from Intellectual Property Rights website or obtain from IPR office Kenyatta University) and send via email to Director IPR ( or drop the form at IPR Office on Directorate Complex 4th floor Room 412.
  2. The board of IPR will evaluate the innovation for novelty, inventive steps and Utility
  3. Patent or Utility Model specification will be prepared by Director  intellectual property right
  4. Application will be made initially at Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI). When an invention shows more global commercial potential, an application will be made at WIPO for Patent Cooperative Treaty (PCT).
  5. If patent or Utility Model is awarded, the IP could be developed and commercialized through licensing. Inventors will benefit from their invention. Check Kenyatta University Property Policy for royalty payment schedules.