Welcome to Institute for Research, Science & Technology

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Kenyatta University recognizes the central role of research in the transformation of Africa’s human and natural capital into social, financial and back to human capital. In a University setting, we recognize that research can inform the way we teach, learn, and interact amongst ourselves and with the societies that we endeavor to serve. The University has, therefore, placed research as one of the core activities within its Vision and Mission, with the aim of becoming increasingly responsive to the Kenyan society and to undertake all its activities with that as the driving force. It is with this in mind that we have revisited our ten-year strategic and vision plan and aligned it to the Kenya Vision 2030 to keep our activities in line with the Kenyan Development agenda. This aligned Strategic and Vision plan has led to the re-organization of the research management at the University into the Institute of Research, Science and Technology (KUIRST).

The institute is composed of a sub-directorate; Research Capacity Building and Dissemination

The Institute’s sub-directorate is deliberately positioned to inform and add value to the function of research at the university in the quest to be a word class university. The administration of the Institute is secured by a Board of high performance experts charged with the elaboration of policies and development strategies of the Institute.

Board Members


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