Geographic Information Systems Mentorship Week

Kenyatta University invites you for a GIS mentorship week. The University will be hosting Mr. Stace Maples (@mapninja) of University of Stanford and who is also in-charge of the Stanford Geospatial Centre. He is a visiting Esri Ambassador to KU on a GIS mentorship mission.

The event will be taking place from 12th Feb - 19th Feb.2017 with the Dean School of Environmental Studies hosting. The 1 Hour lectures (highlighted in green) will be open forums to anybody who is interested to attend.
Hands on Workshops already have selected participants who will be notified separately..

All participants to the 1 Hour lectures/talks are required to register online. GIS Mentorship Week (13 - 17 Feb 2017) -Registration 

Programme of the Week 

Date   Session   Activity
13th-February-2017   Morning  

Meetings with KU administrators and faculty. Presentation of Stanford’s Geoblacklight application for University Library administrators



Afternoon (3.00pm-5.00pm)

Venue: AVU HAll


1 hr Open lecture/talk - “Tales of a Geospatial Swiss Army Knife” An introductory lecture by Stace Maples, Stanford Geospatial Center’s Geospatial Manager. Stace will discuss how he came to work in GIS and the various projects he has worked on in his two decades as a Geospatial Swiss Army Knife for Yale and Stanford Universities.


14th-February-2017   Morning  

Introduction to GIS with ArcMap – (3 hr Hands-on workshop)


14th-February-2017   Afternoon



 Geoprocessing - (3 hr Hands-on workshop)

15th-February-2017   Morning  

Raster & Imagery Analysis (3 hr Hands-on workshop)


15th-February-2017   Afternoon  

Data Creation Workflows with ArcMap & (3 hr Hands-on workshop)


16th-February-2017   Morning   Field Data Collection with and Collector (3 hr Hands-on workshop)


Afternoon (11.00am-1.00pm)



Applications of GIS (1 hr open Lecture/talk) An high-level overview of current cutting edge applications of geospatial technologies.



Morning (9.00am-11.00am)



GIS: All the Rest (1 hour open lecture/talk/Demonstration) an high-level overview of current trends and tools in geospatial technologies, paying particular attention to Big Data and Open Source resources.


17th-February-2017   Afternoon   Geospatial Officeless Hours (3 hrs)– An open clinic for those using, or wanting to use geospatial technologies for research and teaching. Formation of spatial questions, consulting on technology for answering spatial questions, data searching, evaluation of cartography and visualizations, etc…
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