Re-Run Elections for Nyayo 2 East Female Congressperson

During the KUSA Elections held on Thursday 9 th November, 2017, there was a tie in the number one position for Nyayo 2 East Female Congressperson. As per the KUSA Constitution 2017 Article 55(1), a re-run election was to be held on 14 th November, 2017. However, one of the candidates petitioned the results. The KUSA Appeals Committee upheld the results as earlier announced.
This is to notify you that the RE-RUN elections will be held on Thursday 25 th January, 2018. The elections will be held at the Nyayo 1 and 2 Common Room from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Only female students residing in Nyayo 2 East will be eligible to vote. For more Infromation, Kindly click here.

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