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Dr. Michael Gould joined ESRI as director of higher education in 2009. He has been supporting Kenyatta University with the implementation of geographic information system (GIS) technology across campus and some of our students are reaping the benefits. Gould has also worked as a GIS adviser to government agencies in the European Union (EU), businesses including ESRI and Microsoft, and non-profit organisations.

Dr. Gould will be giving a talk on the use of geospatial technology in all areas of study as well as the use of GIS on campuses to improve operations such as facilities management and green initiatives.

Venue: Kenyatta University, AVU Main Hall


You are all invited

The Venue of the workshop is Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre
Training Room, 2nd Floor
Dates: Wednesday, 4th & Thursday 5th October 2017

This is an important training for start-ups because it will assist them in getting their products to their customers.

Download Workshop Agenda
The workshop will be facilitated by an international expert from Germany, Dr Carsten. Download CV of the Key speaker

Education as a process and outcome, is mandated to respond contextually and play its role in transforming communities, protecting our environmental resources and creating wealth in ways that can (and should) enhance livelihoods for all in a holistic manner. This holistic mandate guides this year’s conference on Education and Lifelong Learning which seeks to engage educational researchers in foregrounding interactivity between the Education SDG4 and its targets with other SDGs specifically focusing on poverty reduction, gender equity, peace and social justice, as well as 21st Century Skills that accelerate sustainable development. Hence, the key objective is to generate vibrant evidence-based discussions that position education as critical in informing, directing and enhancing cohesion in the interlinking nature of the SDGs as they synergies to deliver the 3-dimensional 2030 Agenda on social, environmental and economic    development.

“You will leave this course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and no matter what the circumstances.”
The content in each of the three parts of this course is not presented merely as ideas to be understood and mastered. Rather, students work to master certain powerful contexts that shape and color the way in which the circumstances one confronts in leadership situations occur or show up, and how one occurs for oneself in such situations.  When mastered, these  contexts for leader and leadership result in the circumstances of any leadership situation, and oneself in such situations, occurring or showing up so that one’s naturally correlated way of being and acting is that of being a leader and exercising leadership effectively.

By so doing, participants of this Leadership Course discover that.....For more information about the conference and Registration Kindly Click Here

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