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About Kenyatta University Leadership and Adventure Park (KUALEP)

The History…

Kenyatta University Leadership and Adventure Park (KUALEP) was established in 2009 as KU- campsite by department of recreation management and exercise science who discovered that they had to prepare its students to have hands on experience to fit in well into competitive market which requires them to train their clients on team building, outdoor pursuits, leadership and adventure. The Methodology of sharing ideas and learning by doing could be best accomplished through practical hands on experience as opposed to classroom teaching was therefore adopted. The project is now in the process of transforming into state of art park to benchmark itself with other recreational park in the world, see coming soon features on the site!

The Method…

Kenyatta University Leadership and Adventure Park (KUALEP) offers a unique opportunity to build leadership by engaging in the imaginative planning and then sharing of recreational experience. An atmosphere is created for discovering within one's self the latent abilities that normal environments seldom uncover through the use of group dynamic activities as metaphors. In this discovery, anyone can become a better person and more effective leader.Read more..


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Our Services



Belay School 
Birds’ Paradise

Designated Camp Sites


Crocodile/Fish ponds




Natural Maze (SAMPLE)

This will be specially designed, created from kai apple live fence which will be well manicured and landscaped. It will be expected to give visitors both physical and mental challenge. Walking in a maze is considered a symbolic voyage by many cultures: A voyage that can provide new insights on life, bring one closer to God, rebirth, courage and the ability to deal with life's many challenges. It will be another attraction in the park.


The Challenge Course

This will be a fifty (50) piece challenge course with five challenge course activity centers i.e. high challenge course elements, medium challenge course elements, low challenge course elements, high team challenge course elements and obstacle/assault challenge course elements, each with a minimum of ten (10) elements;


Natural Amphitheatre

This will be a briefing area for all visitors entering the facility and will have a seating capacity of 100 people seated in five terraces.  It will be concave having a dais with mazeras slabs. This will be overlooking the crocodile and fish ponds.