The principle purpose of outdoor adventure, education and leadership is to provide for efficient and effective use of the natural environment, offer experiential learning and enjoyment. Some of the key specific objectives are:

  1. To offer training in outdoor education in the areas of social skills development, communication, participation, self-respect, character building, responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience, community living/service skills, caring, fairness, citizenship, trustworthiness and leadership
  2. To develop an understanding and appreciation of humanity’s appreciation of heritage of outdoor living, knowledge, skills and pursuits.
  3. To facilitate and conduct research in the realm of outdoor adventure, education and leadership.
  4. To be used as a center for consultancy by individuals and groups in outdoor adventure, education and leadership.
  5. To foster higher learning skills by enhancing the ability to apply knowledge to analyze real life situations using the natural environment.
  6. To promote a positive attitude towards outdoor life as a form of leisure management
  7. To foster students’ stewardship of the environment, with environmental awareness behaviors, knowledge and appreciation of the importance of the wise use of natural resources
  8. To facilitate the acquisition of leadership skills by the students through the use of the outdoor environment.
  9. To equip the students with life and survival skills in diverse settings.



Belay School 
Birds’ Paradise

Designated Camp Sites


Crocodile/Fish ponds