The Method…

Kenyatta University Leadership and Adventure Park (KUALEP) offers a unique opportunity to build leadership by engaging in the imaginative planning and then sharing of recreational experience. An atmosphere is created for discovering within one's self the latent abilities that normal environments seldom uncover through the use of group dynamic activities as metaphors. In this discovery, anyone can become a better person and more effective leader. 
Participants in Kenyatta University Leadership and Adventure Park (KUALEP) have an opportunity to uncover, utilize, and share those talents in themselves which are perhaps laying dormant by:

  • Getting to know intimately, by working together, others with similar interests and involvements.
  • Encouraging participation and trying out new situations.
  • Sharing recreational experiences and skills with both amateurs and professionals.
  • Discovering creative recreational possibilities. 

The basic idea behind Kenyatta University Leadership and Adventure Park (KUALEP) is … experiential learning. The learning at Leadership Park is not by or for specialists. Leadership Park stimulates and enthuses by exposure to methods and ideas. Stress is placed on learning by participation and encouragement. The sharing of duties is encouraged by often holding team building in a camp environment where duties and problems make practical application of chore sharing a necessity. Leaders are chosen very often not as true experts in their fields, but rather as guides to help other leaders on their way.

Leadership Park and You...

Besides being a lab for students in recreation management and exercise science department, the Park is available to groups of all types and sizes who desire to use this method as a tool for leadership development. (See our rates for use)

  • Strengthening Leadership Teams 
  • Fostering Organizational Planning and Change
  • Building Bridges with Diverse Groups
  • Orientation for first year students into campus life
  • Time management and proper utilization of resources
  • Facing new challenges and discovering leadership potential in individuals
  • Enhancing inter and intra- personal relations

Leadership Park is a project managed and maintained by recreation management and exercise science. Payments are made direct to KU account after booking of the venue two weeks prior.