Caskets Gallery

Kenyatta University Funeral Home has a variety of caskets that one can choose.They come in a variety of sizes,colors and shapes

  • Classic Mahogany Casket,
  • Executive Corner Casket:Available in white,brown and cream colors.
  • Executive Casket: Available in white,brown,lightbrown and cream colors,
  • Executive Casket:Available in white,light brown,brown and cream color.
  • Round bar Casket:Available in dark brown,brown, cream and white
  • Standard casket:Available in white,brown,cream colors.
  • Executive round bar Casket:Availble in cream,white,brown and dark brown.
  • Meru Oak Casket.
  • Dome shape casket:Available in white,cream,dark brown and beige,
  • Classic Children's Casket:Available in white fumed,pink edge,Fumed blue edges.
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