If you know what a blowfish is, you would be forced to think that these tablets have an element of the blowfish. The poisonous blowfish in the Sea of Japan. It has been well identified that a human being requires 2-3 mg of tetrodoxin (from Ishikawa’s traditions), the lethal compound in blowfish. This toxin is 100 times more toxic than potassium cyanide and this would keep you wondering; how then is this significant as the cure of hangovers?
Blowfish is one hangover remedy that has sparked lots of interest in doctors, bartenders and the world of alcoholics at large. The FDA have approved it and it is currently recognized for treating hangovers. Blowfish tablets were permitted by the U.S FDA as a drug that can be sold as an over-the-counter drug. Apart from providing a cure to your hangover, there have been claims that the society will further be swept into a quagmire of alcoholism with the advent of this drug.
Blowfish has in it, a combination of aspirin and caffeine. In addition to these main ingredients are:
i. Anhydrous citric acid
ii. Acesulfame potassium
iii. Docusate sodium
iv. Mannitol
v. Povidone
vi. Sodium benzoate
vii. Sodium hydrogen carbonate
viii. Flavoring
These tablets have been received with skeptic views on the overindulgence of alcohol and worsening of the condition of alcoholics. This might be true to your opinion but according to Brenna Haysom, who is the founder and president of the Rally Labs, this advent comes after she suffered for long from hangovers. In an interview with BBC, she says that she needed to function well come the following day after a night of fun. From experience, these tablets came to being.
While blowfish is not the first of the hangover cures to be invented, it might be the remedy to your post-booze blues. According to Richard Blondell, from American Academy of Family Physicians Addiction Medicine, drugs that claim to be a remedy crop up then die off as the year passes. From its reviews and accountable benefits, you should be able to understand why and whether this statement is valid.


How effective is Blowfish for hangover-Does it work?
By considering the mechanism behind the action of the drug and the individual significance of each ingredient, its effectiveness can be graded. The main ingredients from the list above are aspirin and caffeine. The rest are excipients that enhance both delivery of the active ingredients and drug compliance. It is easy to ask: why then shouldn’t you be able to take aspirin and coffee which are among the foods that combat hangover? Isn’t it cheaper and readily available?
i. Pharmaceutical caffeine – this is a central nervous stimulant. It is used to restore mental alertness. It is indicated for fatigue and drowsiness that comes with alcohol sedation. You might have come across caffeine in headache and migraine medications. It is therefore not surprising to have it in Blowfish tablets. In one controlled study, caffeine was found to be better than placebo and as good as Tylenol in headaches of the tension-type. Caffeine affects the action of adenosine which is a necessary brain substance whose level goes into an upsurge during headaches and migraine attacks. Caffeine blocks the reception of these substance and prevents or reduces the dampened brain level activity and widening of the cranial blood vessels.
ii. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory effects and is also indicated for any headache and inflammation along the gastrointestinal tract. It is also a pain reliever of minor aches and pains associated with a hangover. It also provides relief from migraines, headaches any pain on the body after a binge.
iii. Mannitol and acesulfame potassium– mannitol is a sugar alcohol in the same category of xylitol and sorbitol. These excipients are used in pharmaceutical flavoring . Acesulfame potassium is also an artificial sweetener.
iv. Sodium hydrogen carbonate – this facilitates the effervescence that Blowfish exhibits. Blowfish is fizzy when added to water and this characteristic is accounted for by the reaction between this compound and the anhydrous citric acid.
v. Povidone – a tablet binder and disintegrant.

The beauty with this tablet is that the drug is already in its dissolved state and therefore is absorbed into circulation fast. In about 15 minutes you will be doing better already. Effervescent technology comes with a whole lot of advantages in its package such as:
a. Faster absorption hence faster onset of action even if there is food in the GIT
b. It is gentler on the gut. This is due to the first absorption of the drugs with reduced localized contact with the gut. This means less irritation on the gut wall.
c. Since alcohol triggers overproduction of hydrochloric acid, effervescence tablets alkalize the stomach reducing the acidity and the irritation that comes with it.
Reviews-Benefits and Side effects
Customer reviews according to Amazon.com shows that 82 of 136 customer reviews think that it is an excellent drug of choice to deal with a hangover with a 5 star rating of a whopping 60%. Their statistics still show that with declining preference, numbers grow smaller meaning that most of the positive reviews are at the top of the table. The average being a 4 star.
“One of my friends gave me a packet of Blowfish after a night-out and I loved it. It reminds me of Alta-seltzer but is more effective against the symptoms of hangover.”
“I can’t count the number of times Blowfish has saved me from blowing chunks on my morning commute…it will definitely turn what would be a waste of a day into a productive one!”
According to Villlagevoice.com, most of the reviews were too positive with some mentioning the benefits such as:
i. Its fast onset of action
ii. Its flavored formulation
iii. Better than aspirin and coffee taken separately
iv. Relieves pain
v. Improves alertness
Seems like in deed there is truth in their advertisement: Own the night. Save the day
Side effects
The side effects of Blowfish are mainly those of the individual active ingredients aspirin and caffeine. The following apply to aspirin/caffeine formulations:
i. Less severe – Stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting, fever, drowsiness, mild headache
ii. Severe (rare) – Ringing in your ears, fever lasting more than 3 days, pain lasting more than 10 days, vomit that resembles coffee grounds
Note that such side effects occur rarely and even as toxicity signs such as consuming more than 8 tablets in a 24 hour period. Intolerance to caffeine and aspirin in those who have such intolerance, is the main cause of all these side effects.
Note that this is not a complete list of the side effects that may occur with Blowfish tablets. Once you notice anything odd, call a doctor.

Alka Seltzer Hangover Relief-Ingredients & Reviews
What is made up of? (Ingredients)
Alka Seltzer Morning Relief is the first effervescent drug marketed as a hangover cure. It was developed by Maurice Treener who is a head chemist at Dr. Miles Medicine Company. Since it started as a relief of several ailments and discomforts such as hangovers, indigestion, heartburn, headache, inflammation and sour stomach in 1931, it is more than 80 years old.
It contains the same active ingredients as Blowfish. It has both aspirin and caffeine. Both of these active ingredients elicit the same effect as you have seen in Blowfish.
Its ingredients include:
i. Aspirin
ii. Caffeine
iii. Sodium bicarbonate
iv. Citric acid
How effective is it?
As stated initially, aspirin has works well to relieve headaches and any pains associated with hangovers. It also treats inflammation caused by cytodestructive effect of alcohol.
The caffeine, a stimulant of the central nervous system helps in the increase of wakefulness and alertness.
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), works to create the fizzy effect of the tablet when in water in the presence of the citric acid or the excessive hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The reaction between sodium bicarbonate and the citric acid creates a buffer which enables the rapid absorption of the active ingredients. It also neutralizes the acidic environment created by alcohol consumed. The importance of this buffer is also seen when it stabilizes the pH change due to aspirin as aspirin is an acidic drug.
From a mechanistic approach to the understanding of how it elicits its action, Alka-Seltzer is an effective drug in relieving hangover symptoms and therefore curing it. For those who have opted to use this drug, there have been positive reports regarding its fast onset of action due to its effervescent technology.
Possible effects (negative & positive)
Positive effects
i. It has a faster onset of action than aspirin and coffee taken individually
ii. It has a citrus flavor
iii. Relieves pain
iv. Improves alertness
v. Gentle one the stomach
Negative effects
The following side-effects are associated with Alka-Seltzer:
i. Less severe – nausea, heartburn, irritation of stomach wall, stomach cramps, vomiting, flatulence
ii. Severe (rare) – seizures, life-threatening allergic reactions, stomach or intestinal ulcers, wheezing, burning stomach, redness of the skin, indigestion (WebMd)
Most of the severe side effects are as a result of aspirin or caffeine intolerance. If you have a case with any of these intolerances, then you should avoid taking this medication.
Note that this is not a complete list of the side effects that may occur with Blowfish tablets. Once you notice anything odd, call a doctor.
Berocca Hangover Cure Reviews
What is berocca and what are the ingredients?
This product has also been in use in the years for more than 30 years. It has been known as a cure for hangovers in some countries as marketed but in other countries, Berocca is an energy support product. As an energy support product, Berocca stimulates both mental alertness and sharpness and enhances physical energy. As learnt from Yahoo Health in 2005, Berocca is not marketed in the US as a hangover product but rather as an energy support product.
While not much has been done to prove the action of Berocca on hangovers, its ingredients can in deed provide symptomatic relief of the hangover symptoms. Berocca is a tablet with a high dose of the B vitamins. With addition of other rehydrating methods, Berocca will help relieve most of the symptoms.
Berocca is a brand drink that is effervescent. Its ingredients include:
i. Vitamin B
ii. Vitamin C



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