A typical day in campus is full of buzz and all the hype that makes it be campus.The pavements are busy with human traffic;guiding the footsteps to an on-campus gig,a party somewhere undisclosed and more often than not,a class. During exams,the narrative changes.the paths are deserted with little life.Students recede to cubicles- into academic hibernation.Certainly

BPHARM Or PHARMD, Which Way To Go!!

Pharmacy has gone through tremendous changes in the past to meet requirements of individual community and industries.PharmD also called Doctor in Pharmacy is the first and now only professional degree and prerequisite for licensing to practice as a pharmacist in many countries such as USA,Canada, India,South Africa among others. The Kenya Pharmacy and poisons board

Kenyatta University Gives Fresh Blood To The Pharmacy Profession.

GRAB KU’S NEWEST PHARMACISTS 17th December 2015, marked the culmination of a five-year academic marathon. Despite the gloomy weather (courtesy of the infamous El-nino), the graduands were ecstatic. While Kenyatta University was preparing itself to mark the 39th graduation ceremony, the Pharmacy Department still had its noose tightened on its graduands. Their glowing faces told

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    To Inspire Students Of Pharmacy To Believe In Themselves And Their Abilities, Work As A Team In Improving Healthcare And Create New Experiences While Defining Their Role In The Pharmaceutical Industry.