A typical day in campus is full of buzz and all the hype that makes it be campus.The pavements are busy with human traffic;guiding the footsteps to an on-campus gig,a party somewhere undisclosed
and more often than not,a class.
During exams,the narrative changes.the paths are deserted with little life.Students recede to cubicles- into academic hibernation.Certainly to armour themselves up to battle out the exam mammoth.
Well,here is how you can run that crucial revision time:

1.Read more before sleep.
Scientists have shown reading shortly before sleep, fosters memory during sleep.u may want to burn that midnight oil afterall.

2.plan your study time.
Knowing before hand what you will do prepares you psychologically for that particular task thus increasing your efficiency in undertaking the task.


At the same time one is able to save time that would rather have been spent thinking what to read.Planning study time as well ensures one has tackled everything,or atleast the necessary in their revision.

3.reading all night is a no no.
Some may revise for the following day’s paper all night without sleep.Well,prepare also to struggle recalling a thing from your reading.
Studies done in the U.S some time in 2008 showed that reading all night impairs cognitive reasoning and memory for upto 2days.

Waking earlier than your usual wake time to read, isnt prudent either.the REM(rapid eye movement) sleep,which is the last phase of sleep,is affected by waking earlier than usual.REM is roled in fostering memory.Honestly,that is losing big time;your sleep and what you previously read.

4.Dont mind ,read it out loud.
Memory of a given signal is enhanced when more than one sense is involved.In reading out loud,both vision and hearing senses are involved thus better memory.The library is an exception here..recall its “maintain silence” glaring from every wall in the library.But even so,you may make us of the ‘read-out’ feature in your laptop(with earphones of course).

5.Forget that highlighter.
You are more likely to concentrate on specific points at the expense of comprehending the relation of the information when using a highlighter.Underlining your notes while reading is as bad.


6.Test yourself before the paper.
Lets borrow an illustration from the art world;to perform a song,poem or play some instrument well,you need to have rehearsed.
Rehearse the exam by answering some questions on the subject.This not only assesses the much you have grasped,but also enhances your retrieval ability of information during the actual exam.

With the above,you are sure of a calm self when others are having an adrenaline surge that time when the examination office is releasing results.



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