Disruptive Technologies Transforming Pharma

1) Empowered Patients

Empowered patients who become equal partners with their caregivers have to potential to hack the whole healthcare system. They do research, they gather information and they keep informed. While this can be beneficial in many ways, medicine is not something laymen can easily understand. Medical professionals of every field have to get ready to provide answers and to treat patients as partners in their treatment.  These ‘E-patients’ will want to get into clinical trials. Some even acquire biotech companies to run their own trials. Without proper regulation garage labs could pop up, and ethics often fly out the window the second emotions come into play. While the movement itself is helpful, the future is foggy. We need to prepare for a new kind of healthcare. A future in which pharma companies have to negotiate with patients and do what is truly best for them.

2) Gamify Health To Transform Pharma

The incentives pharma companies are currently using to motive patients and medical professionals to use a certain product are obsolete. They need to turn to gamification to reach people where they are online, which can help improve both adherence and pharma’s image. Look at how Pokemon Go changed the whole game in weeks. It got people off the couch and outside, moving. Taking the literal first steps toward a healthier lifestyle. If the customer no longer sits in front of something that can used as an advertisement platform a new one is needed. One, where the customer is engaged and the information about their options regarding their health can stick.

New Kinds Of Realities Change The World

Augmented reality and virtual reality with devices such as Google’s digital contact lenses or Oculus Rift give us a new view of the world through digital information. If you have ever had a chance to use a virtual reality device, you can compare the attractiveness of information on a website with seeing how a drug works in 3D and realize the potential that virtual reality holds for pharma. The experience is to strong you will surely not forget it anytime soon. And isn’t that what we need to do to keep on top in a world overloaded with information?

Sequencing Genomes At Home

Genomics and truly personalized medicine to enable us to receive therapy individually customized to our own genetic background. I own a huge text file containing my DNA data. I can take it to my doctor and hope to receive personalized drugs instead of the blockbusters that are manufactured for millions of people even though we are all genetically and metabolically different. The cost of DNA sequencing is dropping constantly. When it’s finally available to the majority the whole concept of prescribing medication will change. Pharma needs to get ready for the transformation so it can offer solutions to all.

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Compiled  by  Sammerion  Nyawara.


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