Shabiki yoyote wa KU Radio anamfahamu Ojwang’ mtoto wa Mariam kwa ufanisi wake kwenye lugha ya Kiswahili na kipaji chake anacho kitumia vilivyo kwenye kipindi cha asubuhi, 7-10(Afrika Mashariki), kiitwacho, Damka akiwa pamoja na fundi wa mitaro, fundi wa mitambo; Mc Pablo.

I’d have done the whole blog post in Kiswahili but I am concerned about you who doesn’t understand Kiswahili. He’s name is Ojwang’ Mariam. He’s not only a radio presenter at KU radio, he is an MC, an actor, a spoken word artist, an orator, an acrobat, a politician and (you won’t believe this) he can rap as well!

We know him from radio but what is his personal life like? He is a dad to a beautiful girl called Mellissa Mariam who he parents together with a phenomenal lady called Mercy...

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One of the biggest forms of cyber bullying in Kenya is revenge porn. It is a shame that we don’t have laws that specifically deal with this. What is revenge porn? You might ask. Revenge porn is leaking someone’s nude images or videos without consent with the intention of damaging their reputation. If you are a victim of revenge porn however, you might sue on grounds of defamation(Article 33(3) of the Constitution of Kenya,2010) or breach of privacy (Article 31 of the Constitution).

So many lives have been lost as a result of cyber bullying. The infamous Facebook page, Buyer beware, has instigated quite a number of death cases. A certain Brenda Nyakerario went on the page using a pseudo account to call out on her boyfriend who’d defiled her daughter...

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It can be hard to live a healthy lifestyle at university. The stereotypical student spends all their money on nights out and eat cold beans. In a world where junk food and substance abuse continue to reign supreme, how can you stay healthy and be a normal student at the same time?

Eat well

Food comes first before alcohol, nights out or finding new relationships. Keeping yourself well-fed and nourished will help you in every aspect.

Some stu...

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Some friends and I were sharing our experiences at the work environment and we both agreed on one thing; we lack work ethic as millenials and that’s a problem. We thank God for your girl Gachambi here who will call you off on your isht right about now before it gets out of hand.

  1. Respect is slowly becoming rare. Respect entails listening to other peoples opinions even if you don’t agree with them. Give them a chance to at least voice out their opinions. Listening to someone air stupid sentiments can be irritating but remember they are your co-workers because they deserved the job the same way you did.
  2. The way you talk gives an impression about you to your colleagues and bosses. More often than not, your work mates come from diverse age groups...
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Grief is such a complex, lonely and difficult emotion and we were reminded of this on the twenty sixth of January this year when we lost Kobe, Gianna and their seven friends to death. Yesterday was their memorial ceremony. Watching Vanessa Bryant give her tribute was beautiful and sad at the same time. Losing your husband of almost twenty years and your daughter on the same day is so traumatizing I can’t comprehend her pain. Watching her speak of how they started dating when she was seventeen and a half years then got married and have been best friends ever since was so beautiful. Listening to her speak about how sweet, energetic, loving, competitive and confident but not arrogant her daughter Gigi was left me bawling...

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How I start the day really matters to me it dictates the mood and energy I’ll have the whole day. When I was offered the chance to be on a morning show with pure good vibes, thought provoking conversations and the most amazing co-hosts ever, yes I’m talking about the very talented MC Pablo and MC Ojwang’, I was over the moon! Every Monday to Friday I’m excited about waking up early because my day starts with three hours spent with these witty clowns and did I mention that we have the most interactive radio audience ever. God bless everyone who wakes up to listen to us! There’s no place I’d rather be! Forgive my manners my name is Gachambi Nderitu, the only lady in studio, you wouldn’t know though because my voice is equally as husky.

On Wednesday (19/02/2020), the studio was heated...

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THIS IS FOR MY MEN: The Campus Round Up show


I’m a sucker for good music and great conversations hence I wouldn’t miss a single episode of the Campus Round Up show on KU Radio 99.9 FM. Today’s episode was hosted by Waruguru and Mercy Imbinda. Listen, how one person can be blessed with  beauty, brains and a euphonious voice is beyond me. These two have got it all! Look out for them, they’re quite promising. Their show airs every Tuesday and Friday from 10:00-1:00pm. Thank me later.

The topic today was toxic masculinity. They introduced it at noon (this is when they introduce the day’s topic) after a moto fire playlist. I thought you should know that their show introduced me to a new shower song, Mare mare by Matata and Lamaz Span K.O.B, and my life has never been the same again.

Not asking for directions when lost was the first toxic...

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KCSE celebrations: Top candidate in KCSE aspires to be a doctor


The 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) country’s best candidate aspires to be a medical doctor to achieve his passion for saving lives.

Tonny Buluma emerged the top candidate in the KCSE results announced by Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha today, Wednesday after he scored 87.1points, registering Grade A.

KUTV caught up with him at his grandfather’s home in Emakhwale village in Mumias East Sub-County where he visited for the December holidays, appearing cool and composed, surrounded by his relatives and other village children who had joined him to celebrate the sterling performance.

The 15-year old said he has been doing well in school since his primary days. In KCPE, he scored 433 out of 500 marks from St Aquinas Primary School in Njoro, Nakuru.

He attrib...

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El Clasico: Finally, Barcelona set to host Real Madrid at Camp Nou


By Peter Mwaura 

La Liga log leaders Barcelona are set to host Real Madrid in a rescheduled El Clasico at the Camp Nou stadium from 10 pm.

The encounter was earlier scheduled for October 26th but was postponed owing to fears of civil unrest in Catalonia. Both clubs will share the same hotel in the lead up to tonight encounter as well as travel at the same time before kickoff amid security concerns.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are currently tied on 35 points at the helm of La Liga standings with the Catalonia based outfit ranked first with a superior goal difference.


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Chief magistrate dismisses application by KPA MD Manduku stopping his arrest


By Chris Sambu 

A high court in Mombasa has rejected an application by Kenya Ports Authority managing director Dr Daniel Manduku to stop his arrest by the police.

Justice Erick Ogola dismissed Manduku’s claim that Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti’s officers had done a mistake by venturing the investigation which is supposed to be carried by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission EACC.

The judge however granted Manduku cash bail of sh 500,000 to deter the police from harassing him during any arrest and explained the police were free to make any arrest when they dim it fit.

Manduku faces 30 criminal charges which have been preferred against him by DCI touching on the port scandal in which Manduku is being accused along with his staff members over corruption charges and fr...

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