What to do in your twenties to “boost” your retirement

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There are gestures, some daring, others simple, which one can pose in the twenties to greatly improve his wool stockings for retirement. Here they are.

Surf on compound interest

You know the legend of the Sissa chessboard? A king had promised a sumptuous reward to him who would offer him a satisfactory distraction. A wise man presented him with a game of chess and the sovereign asked him what he wanted as a gift in return. His request: nothing more than a grain of rice on the first square, two on the second, four on the third, and so on, to fill the whole chessboard. The king accepted.

Error! The rice crops of the kingdom for the year have all gone!

What is your relationship with retirement, will you ask? This is the principle of compound interest...

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The 20 mistakes you should not make when you are in your 20s.


20s is one of the critical moments of our lives. It represents many temptations and distractions, the decisions we make will certainly dictate our future for very long years. It is during this twenties that the difference between the “weak” and the “strong” will be made.

Will you have what it takes to achieve success or will you evolve into the mediocrity of a life without much interest?

The choice is YOU who do it. While some think that they have all the keys to success, we realize that they are not the ones who succeed. It’s time for you to get everything changed and fight for the life you want to have, NOW and not later! You will create your destiny and every move you make is a try. Do not crap; here are the 20 mistakes you MUST NOT make.

  1. Work for money and not for building your dreams...
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Five simple tips to help you achieve your goals at every stage of your life

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Five simple tips to help you achieve your goals at every stage of your life
When you are a child, saving seems simple: just put money in a large piggy bank to buy candy or a bicycle.

For an adult, it is more complicated: there are bills to pay and priorities to the contrary. One can always be convinced that one will spare as soon as one has the means, but, in fact, saving is difficult at any age. It is therefore preferable to adopt a simple saving strategy today to ensure that it can achieve its many objectives.

All stages of life involve challenges. It is however possible to save a round amount by following some basic principles, such as starting early and sticking to his plan.

Why is it so important to save?
In the hectic life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead, it ...

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