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Writing articles Good Essays


essay for virtually anyone and time period paperwork

Should you be in school, higher education, or highschool the chances are you get many various kinds of responsibilities. Regardless of your city of learn, all gets essays, which has become the most reported about features of becoming a individual. Not one person desires research, but much less many people like to take a seat and just make everything recommended to craft a high quality essay. We completely appreciate, and assistance with this now we have essays on the market to any or all who definitely are showing an interest! You must not need to worry about faltering instructional classes and having F’s simply because you never have time to accomplish your entire essays, and so we are on this site to provide a solution to this problem...

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How To Make Up For That Weekend Night Out At Campus?


Hey Girls, happy weekend! In honour of school winding down and the weekend dawning on us, I thought I’d go over my tips for a flawless, glam look for a night out. This routine takes into account flash cameras, so you won’t have to spend Sunday morning untagging Facebook photos, because you’ll look great (note–fabulous makeup does not protect against silly faces).


  • start by covering up any blemishes and puffy eyes by pressing an ice-cube, or a spoon that you’ve popped in the freezer for a few minutes, against each pimple and under each eye for a few seconds to reduce inflammation
  • now, add concealer, and your favourite foundation, then top with a light dusting of powder. I like CoverGirl TruBlend minerals loose powder, but I don’t use the poof that comes with it...
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How to keep a healthy and safe relationship


When you find love you have found comfort, joy, company and a friend for life for most people in love started as enemies then close friend.

There are somethings that affect love like rumour, lack of trust and faith in your partner so therefore at times never trust friends for not all of then wish you the best in life.

They can force to do things you wouldn’t like so my advice is always be strong and confront your partner about whatever issues are keeping your heart unsettled for though the truth hurts its for the best and you can shock them even more when you introduce them after your wedding.

Having a healthy relationship is when you care about the looks and appearance of your partner for there moments he/she needs a truthfully compliment from you about hair, dressing, how his/ her...

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How my girlfriend caught me sneaking through her phone


It all started when she was texting nonstop for the past one week, curiosity was killing me not because of her texting but the expression on her face every time she picked up her phone to text for this was not her usual texting

With her innumerable WhatsApp contacts and groups no these were not her girls she was texting to me this was a new entity, an intruder in my already crowded space and my feeling was this intruder was not curvy rather a bearded human being, a competitor.

As for we dudes l didn’t want to ask l wanted to find out on my own though we had agreed to respect each other’s privacy. I waited for that moment she had to go shower and get ready for her lectures when l saw her grab the towel head to the shower’s my heart went racing for the phone which was blinking nonstop...

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Fitness tips: Things not to wear to the gym


Like any other place, Gym also has certain rules one should follow for an efficient result. Here are some of things one should not wear while going to the gym

1. All cotton T-shirts

2. Unintentionally revealing tops, pants that catch on bike gears

3. Your tank top may look modest when you’re standing up,but it becomes x- rated as soon as you bend over to do push ups.

4. Baggy sweatpants,long pants can catch on exercise machines like stationary bikes where the hem can get stuck on the pedals.

Important to note; wrong clothes can sabotage your work out

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Statements that women use and what they actually mean


Girls are the most complex human beings, they can say something and yet they mean something else. Here are some of the statements they make and what they actually mean so don’t fall prey.

Honey!! Am sick ; she means she is broke and needs a big soda as she spends time with you Hi, What are you doing/

Where are you ; They mean l want to see you and don’t say your busy.

If you ask her What’s wrong and she says “nothing”!! She means if you care about me you have to pester me/ beg me to tell you what’s bothering me.

If a woman/ girl asks you ” what are we” ; She means ” for me l have fallen for you and you had better say you also have feelings for me or you are dead

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These 11 Cute Photos Of Braids With Bangs Will Convince You To Try The Style


Bangs come in handy for those of us repping the forehead gang. The beauty of bangs is also the fact that you do not have to worry about your eyebrows being on fleek. The hairstyle also enhances your facial features such as eyes, cheekbones, and lips, making them pop.

We all know about the normal wig or weave bangs…

full fringe hairstyle

But did you know that you can replicate the same style with braids?

You can either go for short fringed braids or long fringed braids, whatever tickles your fancy.

Check out cute photos of ladies rocking the style that might convince you to give it a try:

1. Loving this look.

braids with bangs

Image: Instagram/ownurcrown

2. You can get the fringed bob braids look.

braids with bangs

Image: Instagram/ noma_guguh

3. It’s easy to accessorize with turbans too and spruce up the look once in a while.

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The Staggering Amount NASA Have Reportedly Raised in Four Days


Since NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga made a public appeal to his supporters to contribute money for his campaigns, the opposition party has hit the billion mark.

According to the Star, about Sh850 million has been raised through the pay bill number targeting low-income earners while the bank account had been credited with Sh260 million by Monday evening

NASA reportedly made the claims on Tuesday but Safaricom could not confirm the claim because of its privacy policy.

“We are unstoppable. They thought we didn’t have enough money, but, for sure, I can tell you our reconciliations show we have more than Sh1 billion,” a top ODM official who is among the three signatories said.

The money, raised in a record four days, is being collected by ODM because Raila is running for ...

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This Is What Could Happen To The Alleged Moi Girls Arson Suspect


Moi Girls parent

The 14-year-old girl implicated in the deadly Moi Girls’ Secondary School dormitory inferno in which nine students died risks spending her entire life in prison if found guilty.

The form one student yesterday denied nine counts of murder before High Court judge Luka Kimaru.

This came hours after the government positively identified the victims, following the completion of DNA testing.

She was accused of murdering nine students on September 1 at Kabarnet dormitory.

The girl denied killing Natalie Nanga, Marcia Okello, Alakirr Malong, Hana Jeysso, Whitney Kerubo, Easter Neema, Hawa Aziz, Nancy Thuju and Mary Njengo.

Justice Kimaru held the brief proceedings in camera, with only lawyers, prosecutors and the girl’s parents allowed inside the courtroom.

“This is a child’s matter a...

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