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The Ace Campus and Talent Night is undoubtedly the Biggest Campus Show of its kind In Nairobi.Launched a month ago at Club Ace-Juja City Mall,The show has been the highlight and hotspot for Many campus Artists and students.The weekly show that goes down each and every Thursday has attracted not only students But Thika Road revelers who not only fancy the Club’s Ambiance and quality Entertainment But also fun.

“We started the show to primarily create a platform for Campus students and artists to showcase their talents and get discovered.We invite popular talent scouts in the industry to come hunt for fresh talents in the 254 and everyday its a whole New Experience,” says the host.

The show has seen tons of Campus Artists Showcase and occasionally get offers from Partners of the show who hav...

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by Levis Kihara

2 months ago

Hello Levys. Am Sweet and am really impressed by your blog. Aaaaaaahm, I just dropped by to ask you If we could hang out probably this weekend, I’ll buy you a drink, don’t disappoint a girl who just offered you a treat. Bring The Guy I’ll bring his patner (wink).

That was what the message read. I have no idea who Sweet is or how she looks like. She just texts in watsapp and like that she’s gone. She has no display photo, the status only read “Available” , last seen yesterday 2256 hrs. Blind dates has never been my thing unless the one I only see in the TV, tujuane.  Well I only agreed to her conditions because I was curious. Very curious indeed.

I was quite on time and the bad thing was that the place was kinda full of people and I had no clue o...

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Conor McGregor? I’d beat him in a street fight – 50 Cent discusses beef with UFC star


Conor McGregor (left) and 50 Cent (right)

The American, real name Curtis Jackson, took a number of shots at the UFC lightweight champion before and after his August 26 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

His anger at McGregor stemmed from a series of comments the Irishman made during the whirlwind press tour to promote Mayweather vs McGregor.

During the New York leg of the tour, McGregor, the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously, said: “50 Cent’s a b***h.

“You and 50 are two fake money b*****s. He’s bankrupt and you’re about to be.”

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This past week saw Huawei Technologies launch their Y2017 series in selected Kenyan Universities,Kenyatta University being one of them.The Y2017 series is an upgrade from the Y2016 Series which was launched in partnership with Mseto Campus Tour late Last Year.

The Kenyatta University Launch was carried out by MO Sounds who are acting as the BTL Agency for Huawei and did an awesome job to pull crowds.With lots of Giveaways up for grabs the crowds started gathering and streaming in as early as 10.00Am.The giveaways included,Headphones,Water Bottles,Tshirts and many more.

Present during the Launch activation were varios Campus Influencers who are acting as Brand Ambassadors for the Huawei Y2017 Series.The Y2017 Series features 3 phones-Y3 2017,Y5 2017 and Y7 Prime...

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Statements that women use and what they actually mean


Girls are the most complex human beings, they can say something and yet they mean something else. Here are some of the statements they make and what they actually mean so don’t fall prey.

Honey!! Am sick ; she means she is broke and needs a big soda as she spends time with you Hi, What are you doing/

Where are you ; They mean l want to see you and don’t say your busy.

If you ask her What’s wrong and she says “nothing”!! She means if you care about me you have to pester me/ beg me to tell you what’s bothering me.

If a woman/ girl asks you ” what are we” ; She means ” for me l have fallen for you and you had better say you also have feelings for me or you are dead

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These 11 Cute Photos Of Braids With Bangs Will Convince You To Try The Style


Bangs come in handy for those of us repping the forehead gang. The beauty of bangs is also the fact that you do not have to worry about your eyebrows being on fleek. The hairstyle also enhances your facial features such as eyes, cheekbones, and lips, making them pop.

We all know about the normal wig or weave bangs…

full fringe hairstyle

But did you know that you can replicate the same style with braids?

You can either go for short fringed braids or long fringed braids, whatever tickles your fancy.

Check out cute photos of ladies rocking the style that might convince you to give it a try:

1. Loving this look.

braids with bangs

Image: Instagram/ownurcrown

2. You can get the fringed bob braids look.

braids with bangs

Image: Instagram/ noma_guguh

3. It’s easy to accessorize with turbans too and spruce up the look once in a while.

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The Staggering Amount NASA Have Reportedly Raised in Four Days


Since NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga made a public appeal to his supporters to contribute money for his campaigns, the opposition party has hit the billion mark.

According to the Star, about Sh850 million has been raised through the pay bill number targeting low-income earners while the bank account had been credited with Sh260 million by Monday evening

NASA reportedly made the claims on Tuesday but Safaricom could not confirm the claim because of its privacy policy.

“We are unstoppable. They thought we didn’t have enough money, but, for sure, I can tell you our reconciliations show we have more than Sh1 billion,” a top ODM official who is among the three signatories said.

The money, raised in a record four days, is being collected by ODM because Raila is running for ...

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This Is What Could Happen To The Alleged Moi Girls Arson Suspect


Moi Girls parent

The 14-year-old girl implicated in the deadly Moi Girls’ Secondary School dormitory inferno in which nine students died risks spending her entire life in prison if found guilty.

The form one student yesterday denied nine counts of murder before High Court judge Luka Kimaru.

This came hours after the government positively identified the victims, following the completion of DNA testing.

She was accused of murdering nine students on September 1 at Kabarnet dormitory.

The girl denied killing Natalie Nanga, Marcia Okello, Alakirr Malong, Hana Jeysso, Whitney Kerubo, Easter Neema, Hawa Aziz, Nancy Thuju and Mary Njengo.

Justice Kimaru held the brief proceedings in camera, with only lawyers, prosecutors and the girl’s parents allowed inside the courtroom.

“This is a child’s matter a...

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Savagery! Miguna Miguna Received a Glowing Compliment But It Still Wasn’t Enough



It has become acceptable on Kenyan twitter that when one takes on Miguna Miguna, they should expect nothing but ‘savagery.’

He flies off the handle at the slightest provocation and has once been described as a man with the pride and arrogance of 10 Kabogos. Yesterday, he appeared to live up to that reputation in emphatic fashion.

Apparently, Miguna’s ‘savagery’ is not restricted to anyone who holds a different opinion, or attacks him. It applies to everyone, including those who sing his praises.

On Tuesday, NASA lawyer Otiende Amollo posted a glowing compliment about Miguna on twitter but Miguna’s reply was typically Miguna.

The former Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful could not hold back from pointing out a grammatical error in Amollo’s tweet.

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Shock as class five pupil ‘hangs’ himself in dormitory


The guardian of an 11-year-old school boy who died in a school dormitory has disputed claims that the child killed himself.

Maara police boss Johnstone Kabusia, said the class five pupil at Kajiunduthi Boarding Primary School hang himself using his belt on Monday.

He said the matter was reported by the school’s head teacher, Catherine Murithi.

“The boy had gone home after developing dental problems so he could be taken to hospital,” said Mr Kabusia.

After his tooth was extracted, the guardian accompanied him back to school and left while the boy went to the dormitory to keep his luggage,” said Kabusia.

The boy took long in the dormitory, prompting a colleague to go find out what he was doing. He found him groaning in pain with a belt around his neck.

He was rushed to Chogoria Mi...

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