Kenyatta University’s KUSA chairman feted in Germany


Kenyatta University Student Association’s (KUSA)  chairperson Joshua Ayika has been elected the African Universities’s representative.

These elections were held at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

Confirming the news, KUSA Vice-Chairperson   Lily Mwangi expressed her joy in Mr Ayika’s latest conquest stating that the KUSA Administration is elated at the Chairman’s achievement.

Our congratulations are in order.

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Exams are fast approaching and lets face it, it’s a bit overwhelming thinking about where and how to start your revision whether you were an active student during the semester or not. The semester commenced two months ago and now it’s exam time, seriously where does the time go? Anyway, below are a few tips to help you skip the panic and jump straight to your revision;

1. Create your own study guide.

The best way to create a study guide is to first check your exam timetable and make sure that your selected course/unit aligns with the exams order in your timetable. You don’t want to start revising for your last exam first especially now that you’re studying against time.

2. Practice active learning.

Active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about what ...

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#MeetKUFM: Vincent Odundo – Presenter, Anchor

Blog, Campus

Vincent Odundo is a lead News anchor, host and producer of Campus Drive show on KU Radio. This voice has graced our 99.9 FM airwaves for over 1 year now.

On your screens, Vincent Odundo is a Business presenter at KUTV Kenya. He hosts the Business and Finance episode of KUTV Breakfast show (Rise Today) alongside mogul Noah Kipkemboi. #BiasharaTuesday airs every Tuesday (7 AM- 10AM) on KUTV Kenya.

Vincent is also a youth mentor and the founder of Young Hope Kenya, a charity organization through which he aids, empowers, inspires and restores hope to the young less-fortunate boys and girls in Primary, High Schools and tertiary institutions within Kenya.

Vincent Odundo: Radio, TV Presenter, Philanthropist and Writer

At 20 years of age, he finds a great interest in the dynamics of youth empowerm...

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Amos Njeru Events


Campus, Entertainment

The Ace Campus and Talent Night is undoubtedly the Biggest Campus Show of its kind In Nairobi.Launched a month ago at Club Ace-Juja City Mall,The show has been the highlight and hotspot for Many campus Artists and students.The weekly show that goes down each and every Thursday has attracted not only students But Thika Road revelers who not only fancy the Club’s Ambiance and quality Entertainment But also fun.

“We started the show to primarily create a platform for Campus students and artists to showcase their talents and get discovered.We invite popular talent scouts in the industry to come hunt for fresh talents in the 254 and everyday its a whole New Experience,” says the host.

The show has seen tons of Campus Artists Showcase and occasionally get offers from Partners of the show who hav...

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Amos Njeru-Tecno Spark

Why The New Tecno SPARK Is The Best Phone For Campus Students.

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A few weeks ago,Tecno Mobile launched the Tecno Spark into the Kenyan Market.The new Tecno Spark is said to be Tecno’s Gadget for the youth in 2017.True to the narrative,the new Tecno Spark, i would say, is the most ideal phone for Campus students not only in Kenya but even in other African markets.Here are my reasons:

1.Pricing-The new Tecno Spark is definitely giving real value for less.The fact that it Goes for only Ksh.9,999 the new Spark is obviously affordable to most Campus Students who need an upgrade or just need a hold of the gadget.

2.Impressive Camera-The camera output of the Spark is amazing!The Spark comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera both with flash and shoots amazing quality photos.

3.Design And Battery-The Spark has a classic look with the back design ...

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Campus, Entertainment

by Levis Kihara

2 months ago

Hello Levys. Am Sweet and am really impressed by your blog. Aaaaaaahm, I just dropped by to ask you If we could hang out probably this weekend, I’ll buy you a drink, don’t disappoint a girl who just offered you a treat. Bring The Guy I’ll bring his patner (wink).

That was what the message read. I have no idea who Sweet is or how she looks like. She just texts in watsapp and like that she’s gone. She has no display photo, the status only read “Available” , last seen yesterday 2256 hrs. Blind dates has never been my thing unless the one I only see in the TV, tujuane.  Well I only agreed to her conditions because I was curious. Very curious indeed.

I was quite on time and the bad thing was that the place was kinda full of people and I had no clue o...

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Your Mindset Could Cost You That Job


Your Mindset Could Cost You That Job

Beginning a new job can be charged with an odd combination of excitement, fear and anxiety. You’re scared of all the new stuff you’ll be required to learn. You’re worried about fitting in, catching on quickly and exceling in your role. These feelings are all completely normal. While you probably won’t be able to extinguish all of them in your first week or month, you can minimize them by having the right mindset.

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to go in on solid footing. Your goal is to build trust early on, get noticed before you accomplish some major initiative and give yourself the option of making this a long-term career stay.

Rather than thinking you can rest now that you’re employed, think about what is next or rather than...

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Advice For Fresh Graduates: How To Be A Star At Your Workplace


1. It is possible to do everything exactly as your boss prescribed and still get blamed – and sacked – for it.
2. It is dangerous to spend six months on a role without learning anything new. It does not matter how much you’re being paid to be a mammoth.
3. If you must date someone in the office, please, God, never in the same department as you. God.
4. There are two ways to do things: the smart way, or the office-prescribed process. The smart way has fewer spreadsheets.
5. The worst thing you can ever be in the office is ‘yourself’. Everybody’s acting. Don a persona.
6. Never do a bad job, not even when it’s pro bono. It may turn out to be the first contact for someone and you won’t be there to give context.
7. Do not be intimidated by people smarter than you...

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Why The HandOut Culture Is Spoiling University Students In Uganda?


Today I went to Kyambogo University to get my Academic Documents certified. I got to campus three hours earlier than I should. In order to kill time, I went to the University Library.

I got to the Economics Section and picked up a book about “why less aid could mean more for Africa.” That’s when it hit me hard that I was the odd man out. An alien in a sea of human beings.

Every other student was busy reading their handout. Yes, either summarizing the handout or trying to learn its contents by rot.

An hour later, I got a philosophy book and the situation had not changed. Not more than 5 students were reading the books in the library, everyone was pulled into their handout.

I found this very disturbing...

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You Want Yourself to Have success – therefore we Know What It Requires to Be Successful


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