How my girlfriend caught me sneaking through her phone


It all started when she was texting nonstop for the past one week, curiosity was killing me not because of her texting but the expression on her face every time she picked up her phone to text for this was not her usual texting

With her innumerable WhatsApp contacts and groups no these were not her girls she was texting to me this was a new entity, an intruder in my already crowded space and my feeling was this intruder was not curvy rather a bearded human being, a competitor.

As for we dudes l didn’t want to ask l wanted to find out on my own though we had agreed to respect each other’s privacy. I waited for that moment she had to go shower and get ready for her lectures when l saw her grab the towel head to the shower’s my heart went racing for the phone which was blinking nonstop...

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4 Things They Don’t Teach You At University, But Should.


Forget the guerilla wars and the Iron bar hit men! In kenya, there is an ongoing war. But those who have fought it will never tell you. This war is a new kind of war. To emerge winner, you must be the best. But the rules of engagement in this war are different from those of the usual wars we know. This war is called The Career War. It is fought on the streets and those who win it end up in the boardrooms. It is triggered by Life after campus. Street life can be so hard that it can make you ask existential questions! And once there, there is no turning back!

You may have ‘googled’ and found many job seekers’ blogs where people discuss their interview experiences and give advice to colleagues. In Uganda, that’s part of our problem...

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Slay Freshers: How To Do Your Make-Up Like A Pro?


Shopping for makeup is hard. Walking into Sephora can be flat-out terrifying(and not only for your wallet!). With so much selection and variety to choose from, it’s hard to figure out what exactly to buy. I hate to sound like a guy, but sometimes I wonder how the hell I’m supposed to distinguish this nude lipstick from the other million currently on the market. You may think that the only saving grace is the girls who work at Sephora, or wherever you buy makeup, and YouTube beauty influencers.

However, it’s easy to fall into the rut of buying all of the “cult favorite” products. Sure, they work, and everyone loves them...

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How Do Top Students Study?


What is my story: I went to IIT, one of the best colleges in India, and stood first in my class. Thereafter I did PhD in Chemical Engineering, and worked hard towards my studies. I put a lot of hours towards my studies in my life, and I have seen some other students who were far better than I. Based off their experiences and stories, and my own experiences, I am putting together a few characteristics that I have observed in the topmost students.

Some of these students include JEE toppers, class toppers in various branches, amazing students who not only studied, but also did extra curricular activities.

Here are the characteristics of topmost students, and I assure you that if you did all of them, you can become a topmost student as well.

  • Attendance
    • I have seen that the topmost stude...
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FRESHER? Watch Out For Your Room Mate To Be


So applications are done, some have been admitted already (govt students) and some are waiting on admission. But hey,yo time at campus can be stressful over a simple issue,your roommate! Cathy who is joining her second year at MKU doing BMS narrates to us her roommate story.

She stole my jewelry, clothes, and even underwear. When confronted,

she refused to look at me when I spoke. She also told me I was the one who violated her privacy (true), but she had been stealing from me all year (she also ate our food ALL THE TIME and lied about it) and I was technically taking back what was mine. She refused to give back one of the brouses (which I’ve had for years) and insisted it was hers. I just gave up on that one...

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This event happened in real time. I don’t even know what that line means. But I am at this bar, and then this girl who on all fronts happened to be lightskinned and beautiful turns out to be the waitress.

I never took so long to decide what I would drink. Something wasn’t normal. I think lightskinned girls have an advantage over their dark skinned girls. They quickly stand out, and because of their colour, you may not notice other flaws on their bodies like the ipad booty or the missing boobs.

To cut the long story short, this girl was just average. But hey, I was drinking. Every bottle made her climb a level higher on the hotness scale as I climbed another on the horniness scale.

This is how the conversation went. It has two versions...

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Post-Campus Struggles: Real Life is Harder than University Exams


Life at University is the epitome of everything. You are surrounded by the coolest people, you have parties, events and everything people dream about for a social life. The girls are in plenty, even the nerdy of nerds will have someone to chaw.

But then someone convinces us that there is a better life, that we should all work hard to graduate. Boom. The final exams set in. Exams done. Projects are presented and real life begins in a way that’s unannounced.

Then all of a sudden, one by one, people pick up opportunities. Every one becomes desperate to get something called a job.

Nothing is more annoying than continuously hearing the question; “Where are you now?”

And for the parents, once they hear that campus is done, they immediately imagine their financial woes done...

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Relationship rules for every campuser to follow


It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were. You can never “just be friends” with someone you fell in love with. Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.

I want someone who say’s “i love you” every night and proves it everyday. Two people don’t fall in love because they sleep in the same bed, but because they share the same dreams. ” I can’t promise you a perfect relationship. However, I can promise you as long as you’re trying, I’m staying.

Spend life with who makes you happy, not who you have to impress. The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach...

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When you have to evict relatives who overstay visits


Last weekend I was battling with a big dilemma: What do you do when the visiting village relative is a known and prolific thief? Do you act and masquerade as the gracious host or do what it takes to preserve your sanity?

This visitor is the sort of person who uses every opportunity to steal. If she helps you to wash the dishes, please expect that some cutlery will end up in her apron pocket!

If she offers to iron your clothes, you will find some missing. When she dusts the kitchen counter tops, sugar, salt, matches and flour will disappear. It is almost as if she is magnetic to all materials.

And so imagine my consternation when my distant cousin thrice removed, turned up strategically on Thursday night, allegedly to see our new baby.

She brought nothing for the baby, however, and with th...

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What to do in your twenties to “boost” your retirement

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There are gestures, some daring, others simple, which one can pose in the twenties to greatly improve his wool stockings for retirement. Here they are.

Surf on compound interest

You know the legend of the Sissa chessboard? A king had promised a sumptuous reward to him who would offer him a satisfactory distraction. A wise man presented him with a game of chess and the sovereign asked him what he wanted as a gift in return. His request: nothing more than a grain of rice on the first square, two on the second, four on the third, and so on, to fill the whole chessboard. The king accepted.

Error! The rice crops of the kingdom for the year have all gone!

What is your relationship with retirement, will you ask? This is the principle of compound interest...

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